Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today, at a time according to what is being said about burglars and break ins by common opinion and general estimations was not the expected one, burglars invaded into my home and took money and jewelry. When I realized it I was surprised because the burglars had struck in broad daylight and while neighbours and members of my family were within and around the house.

But when the forensics police officer came to see if there were any fingerprints left behind, he informed me that it is usual for a burglar to break in in broad daylight, something which can be avoided if the people are aware of it and have taken certain recautions which, however, are not made known to the people and those who know of them are the experts and the ones who have already been ‘burned’.

Except for the singular occasional police officer who is trying to help and support just like the police officer of forensics who came to my house or others who have aided me by familiarizing me with law and legal stipulations which should have been taught to the citizen and not be so hard to find, the general treatment by the state’s agency on the faceless, impersonal level was highly degrading, rejecting and fully against doing even the matter-of-course, self evident thing, such as recording the incident and react immediately without the need for persuasion of any kind.

This is the exact situation which exists regarding Greek individual citizens on all levels and all needs for actual and singular expression and publication of their voice and opinion fact which does not hold for non-Greek individuals who are heard any time (on the news, on talk shows and the like) so long as they serve a propaganda with which it is being attempted that Greek individual citizens be convinced to concede in not taking the precautions that the expert (i.e. history on the level of country relations and world war history) shows they must be taken so that the barefaced burglar will not enter exactly where nobody imagines that burglar able to attempt breaking in and will not manage to steal the precious valuables of economy, culture and history which the burglar covets.

“You don’t know how much I worked to convince my mother to keep her valuables in a safe place and not a plain one,” the police officer told me. Nobody teaches the people to protect themselves from the burglars and the thieves. The token protection given is designed and organized in a way that even police officers who want to cannot have the effectiveness they must and which they themselves would like, exactly as we are not taught as the Hellenic Nation to guard ourselves from the other sort of burglar, the thieves of civilization, human resource, intellectual property, history, culture and in the final analysis, money and property.

On the contrary, we are being forced, through propaganda of the level of brain washing by the mass media but also any single opinion leader who believes he/she will gain status among his/her peers (from the level of the open air market to the level of the Academia), to do everything so that there will be no protection of our Ethnic property and legacy, to make ‘compromises’ which are not compromises but defeats and a disappointing level of competence for a people who did not compromise with the Nazis when other countries tagged as ‘strong’ were dropping their shields and capitulating nor with every dictatorship which was attempted to be enforced on this people on the force of hand of ‘state powers’ which we are currently being told to fear.

And the truth is that the Greek people DOESN’T compromise and DOESN’T capitulate.

How, then, is the situation broadcasted internationally justified, that Greece is compromising and capitulation with a ‘middle way solution’ which everyone knows is a triumph for the state of Skopje and the distortion of the truth and blatant trespassing and deceit (in the person of young people who are not being taught proper history) which the state of Skopje represent, since the Greek people doesn’t do that?

Because the true Greek people is gagged by all the basic mass media.

Not only does the mass media deny to broadcast next to the claims and allegations of the Skopjan citizens the declarations and proof of Greek citizens against them, but they also deny to broadcast OFFICIAL MOVES AND PETITIONS NOT ONLY BY INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS BUT ALSO BY WHOLE COALITIONS OF CITIZENS WITHIN AND OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.

Each one of us feels isolated or half-accepts the tag of ‘extremist’ which is pinned by the mass media and the opinion leaders and we are not aware that we are not the exception but the rule- and that we have allies all over the globe.

This deliberate propaganda and weakening through the artificial sensation that each one of us is alone and will be isolated if he/she expresses him/herself is manufactured systematically with the politicians of all sides in the lead, except for the ones who already are not popular to the Greeks because of the totalitarianism they advocate which is completely against the Greek free spirit, and therefore they colour a correct position as right-extremist and non-democratic. This type of deliberate combination of a correct concept/ idea/ position with something so abjectly negative and hated has been done before with the decomposition of our Nation and its permanent paralysis in mind.

Proof for the above:

Regarding my announcement which I faxed to all the basic TV channels in Greece (MEGA, ANT1, ALPHA, ALTER, SKAI, NET, NET 3) concerning the petition published in this blog, it was either ignored or I was told overtly on Sunday, April 13 2008 by the chief news editors of the channels that they would not broadcast it or mention it in reports or news flashes, AGAINST the Greek law (‘Code of Deontology of news and other reporting and political broadcasting programs’, Presidential Decree no. 77, 20/03/2003) as the letter of the law stipulates.
The combination of ‘Hellas of Christian Hellenes’ was associated irrevocably with the 1967 Junta after propaganda of seven years, resulting in the Greek citizen hating the phrase and fearing, as a result, to declare his/her Hellenic identity. In psychology, this is called ‘classical conditioning’ that is the stimulus of the hatred caused by the junta is now transferred and associated with the innocent and amicable stimulus of the identity which helped the Greek citizen survive the Turkish occupation and Nazism.
The mass media as well as the state itself had not informed about the propaganda concerning the state of Skopje going rampant in past decades so that the Greek people would be given the chance to react before we reach the present day delirium.

Does all this seem like a conspiracy theory of a disaster herald?

But still, it isn’t. It is the policy which has been determined for the neutralizing of all the peoples with characteristics like those of the Hellenes according to Henry Kissinger as he openly stated in Washington, in 1974:

Henry Kissinger: «
The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East»

Is it possible, that in conjuction with the effort to silence me, today’s attack on my home is a warning not unlike the ones my father had received in the final years before his murder, or shall we ignore this, after all which has been said, as a conspiracy theory of a disaster herald?

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