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The Use of the Macedonian Matter as a Trojan Horse

In all the mass communication, from the mass media to the internet, the following diplomatic communication trajectories are visible:

1. that there is some basis ( of positive prescription, historical, oppressed, historic-political-social) in the entirety of the general mythology and propaganda around the state of FYROM

2. that anything the representative of this state says or does with regards to his ‘steadfasteness’, whether it is logical or not, holds far more eight than anything the Greek side says or does.

3. that the Greek People and their culture will be proven ‘nationalistic’ which apparently means by default that they are totalitarian, fascist, backward and against humanitarianism if they do not in essence satisfy what they are being bullied into satisfying.

4. that no consequence at all nor danger is linked to the satisfaction of the claims which at this time have the state of FYROM as frontispiece.

We have many times demonstrated in this blog the falsehood of all four of the above propaganda trajectories, and we have additionally shown what this satisfaction of claims will mean not only for the Greeks but also for the entire Balkan peninsula and later, with escalation, for the rest of the world. At this time Greece is the stalling factor to a series of actions primarily in the Balkan area but later world-wide for the following reasons:

At this time:

1. Greece is a symbol of the schema of ‘Nation’ as a group that is entitled to a historically justified land area, uniform population, uniform language, specific and archaeologically and anthropologically substantiated history, specific culture and a full right to defend these properties.

2. Greece is a symbol of the historicity and the civilization that throughout the ages not only has remained living but also is the base of several later cultural miracles such as the Enlightenment, the Renaissance in Europe, the foundation of Scientific Thought which will be undermined to the fullest if Greece, which gave rise to their roots is discredited as a totalitarian or fascist schema, exactly as the power of the explosion of German Philosophy and Culture development was lost with the advent and imposition on this Nation of Nazism which in reality does not represent any Nation at all.

3. Greece is a symbol of the standing up and victory of the few, but purely and straightforwardly acting on the base of reason, truth and justice against the many outnumbering opponents/ enemies, throughout history. From the opposition of the Greeks against the Persian Empire from 492 to 479 BC up to the 20th century AD the Greeks behaved in the same manner, as it has also officially been globally recognized, not only in the Second World War (“heroes fight like Greeks’ as Winston Churchill said) but in their resistance to the truly totalitarian and fascist regimes such as the Junta of 1967 and the peaceful purists of the students which also marked the beginning of its end with the Polytechnic and the Law School in 1973. The false and seeming existence of the state of FYROM as small, hunted and wronged by Greece undermines unfairly and deceptively a symbol and a Nation which never hunted the underdog or the oppressed.

As this symbol we just described, Greece is incompatible as a concept but also as a schema with the general pressure of Globalization in the Balkans which requires the following political situation: It is necessary to abolish the concept of the Nation and State and the resulting obligation of the Citizen to protect his Nation and State. This right/ obligation in its own turn constitutes guarantee of the National and State protection of the Citizen, not only from other threatening States, but mainly it guarantees National and State protection from anti-humanitarian economic policies, from corporate imperialism/ colonization, from economic and cultural depression and oppression of the uniqueness of the People (to the point of abject racism) and finally from the serf-making of the Citizens/ Humans and their being forced to belong to the few holders of international corporations, banking institutions and capital. This therefore constitutes protection exactly from the social situation as it was during the middle ages (with the holders being the land owning aristocrats), before the enforcement of the schema of the modern State of Welfare by the People.

And how is the Skopjan matter the frontispiece of Globalization and a Trojan Horse against (but not limited to) the People of the Balkans?

This is the case because the whole matter has been designed not by the representatives of FYROM but by those protecting and promoting them, that is the diachronic USA administration (and not of the People of the USA) which is directed, funded, controlled and serving the stateless capital owners/ holders, creators and upholders of the new economic aristocracy. This new aristocracy comes from the old class of the large landowning aristocrats who were ousted in the post 1900 era where the concept of the master land owner was not yet tolerable, and who are now founding the dominance of their imperium (regarding their land limits which were rightfully taken away from them by the People) anew through the international / multinational corporate companies which obscured the names of their owners because these names were and are symbols of all those who were ousted and rejected by People everywhere.

Globalization sets these international corporate companies above Constitutions and the People’s laws and in essence above the Human Rights and every other Humanistic Declaration which had forbidden these individuals, who have the genealogy we just mentioned, allowing them to exploit Humanity with conditions either medieval or of the first stage of the Industrial Revolution, when people worked 18 hours per day, seven days a week until they died (often on the workplace) with literally meager daily wages, since it was impossible to sustain oneself and one’s family, the members of which worked under the same conditions.

Globalization, therefore, abolishes the concept of the state as an organization which protects the People and the Citizen, forbidding entrepreneurs of all kinds to use human potential under these conditions, offering health care, life with pension, property and financial independence and security (i.e. the ensuring of necessary according to Human Rights means for acceptable living and the non-need of loans and other financial dependencies from banking ‘institutions’ of this new aristocracy and thus being owned by it), the capacity to have pride in and develop the National and cultural identity, which is also a necessary element not only for the evolution of every People but also the whole of Humanity through pluralism, which disappears with the fusing of a vague uniform mixed culture with which no People or Nation can identify and therefore develop.

Globalization also promotes one and only value and aim for Humans, abolishing all the rest: materialism and the serving of money/ capital which belongs ‘by right’ to the few all-holding corporate businessmen who are presented as qualitatively (genetically/ mentally/ by birthright) superior to the rest of the Humans upon the earth, who work for the promotion and development of ‘the company’ of which they are part and product/ resource (Human Resources) and therefore are objectified (i.e. humans are reduced to the role of a product/ commodity), thus leaving as sole representatives of Humanity (and therefore beneficiaries of the vested rights of People and their Declarations) only the masters of these corporations/ companies. In order for that to happen it is necessary to a vital level to erase the history of the last 200 years globally. Some Nations, such as Greece, with its millenia-deep history, no matter how summarily it is presented, offers ideas and symbols of the Equality of Humans, Freedom and Prosperity- ideas which cannot allow the application of globalization and the ‘widening of the social class gap’ which we just described.

No matter how much people are not aware of history around the earth, they do know from the field of history particular historical symbols which represent liberal concepts from which States of Welfare and Constitutions/ Declarations arose. Even in their worn out application of the past decades, these Constitutions and Declarations teach the People that they are born Human with inalienable rights and not born animals in a livestock pen. It is therefore necessary for the installation of globalization to erode and take down these symbols of History, to twist them and mix them with other elements so that, just like the cultures disappear under one imposed multi-mixed unified hybrid culture to which nobody belongs, so will the histories of all the nations with all their wondrous achievements against this little numbered class disappear under the stories of kings, conquerors and tycoons of capital wealth where the People shall be a non-existent, dispensable, amorphous mass without importance or value.

Why is the Skopjan matter serving the above design?

Because it attacks a People-symbol which existed and exists throughout the ages from the beginning of Human History and which ever since was and is a source of inspiration and power and faith in Human Greatness not of the few but of everyone with the Individual uniqueness as the epitome regarding the potential to affect prosperity and evolution of whole groups.

Always, Greece and Hellenism symbolized the progress of Civilization either in its entirety as a People or in the face of representatives when enemy forces attempted to oppress/ conquer/ gag it. That is exactly what was the case in the periods of occupation of Greece and Hellenism by Romans, Byzantines (i.e. Romans of the eastern part of the Roman empire), Ottomans, Francs, Bulgarians, Nazis as well as various forms of unofficial/ covert colonization by the administrations of England and the USA, where the Greek element remained intact linguistically and anthropologically and was only embellished by the different additions which were absorbed into the Greek element and not vice versa.

Also Greece and Hellenism are the symbol of Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, Justice, Cultivation, Open Mind and Free Spirit and great protection and promotion of Truth and Righteousness.

The Skopjan propaganda aims to sully and tear down this symbol we just described with the scientific-like presentation of its claims which portray Greece as completely opposite of what Greece symbolizes, namely as embezzling, suppressor, racist, unfair and lying. That is to say the Skopjan propaganda tries to prove with a forging of the elements and with some references from reports from writings, quoting them out of context as well as with claims that are not supported by hard evidence or correct analysis and the only status of which is that someone has published them.

They claim the existence of a Slavic language since the ancient times, concealing the fact that Slavs appeared as various races around 6th century AD and it is therefore historically impossible for their language to exist before them. They also claim that because ancient historians mention that the Macedonian dialect was not comprehensible in other Greek areas, it is proof that Macedonia and its People are not part of the Hellenic whole. This can be disproven by the study of all the ancient Greek dialects linguistically: They have the same exact roots and phonemes as the Macedonian dialect, and there is also the recording of the fact that the users of one Greek dialects (e.g. the Attic) could not comprehend easily or at all the users of another Greek dialect (e.g. the Dorian).

Another claim of their propaganda is that the kingdom of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip were not Greek since the Athenians of the era were resisting his advance. This can be disproven with a simple study of the sociopolitical situation of the City-State which justifies the assorted ancient wars between the Greeks of different areas without this meaning that they weren’t parts of the Hellenic whole (e.g. the wars between Athens and Sparta before and during that era, as well as occasional analogous strife with other Greece city-states such as Thebes, Corinth, etc). The process to which the Skopjans refer to and which Phillip began and Alexander continued before his campaign to Asia is a process of uniting all the Greek City-states into one Greek State and it is analogous to the much-acclaimed processes of unification of a Nation into a State that Charlemagne achieved for France/Gaul and that other monarchs did for England, Russia and other States. Phillip and his son simply managed to be among the first to successfully apply this tactic. Therefore using their activities to prove their non-Greek status is unfounded, deceptive and non-historical, exactly as the applying of globalization demands.

They also mention the use of the term Macedonia by Greeks as proof that the identity of these Humans is not Greek. This is a twisting of reality as they neglect to mention that the use of area names as a characteristic of descent by Greeks instead of the general term ‘Greek’ was not just an element of the ancient times but was their usual name of use up until during the 19th century to which the Skopjan propaganda makers refer to continually: In particular, during all of the Turkish occupation in Greece and during the War of Independence of 1821 the Greeks used area names and rarely the characterization ‘Greek’, primarily because there was terrorism by the Turks not to use the latter (the Turks enforced the name Romios on the Greeks for psychological violence and undermining since the appellation comes from the Turkish root ‘rom’ which means ‘scoundrel’) and later because it was a way to recognize instantly the basic skills of the rebelling fighters as soldiers (Souliotes (from Souli)= toughened land fighter, Hydraeans (from Hydra) = navy, Psarianoi (from Psara)= fire raft/ ship fighters, and others). Even today area names of descent are used to attribute basic population characteristics of Greek groups (Maniatis (from Mani)= does not forgive an insult, Macedonian (from Macedonia)= giving and gourmand, Peloponnesian (from the Peloponnesus) = makes a lot of savings, etc).

This type of twisting of reality by the Skopjan propaganda has a basis and is fully instigated by the Bulgarian interests in the area which they historically covet since the Byzantine times and have been seeking to conquer Northern Greece which at the time was part of the Byzantine empire against which the Bulgarian races invaded with this aim alone. Against them, the Greek Basil the Second the Macedonian fought their tsar Samuel and beat him so drastically that Samuel died of a heart attack upon looking on the evidence of his shambles and Basil the Second the Macedonian was called Bulgar-slayer.

The Bulgarians are lending themselves to serving the interests of globalization because in their modern history they have repeatedly tried to change history and the properties of the Greek People they want to conquer, projecting their own messages, cruel violence/ genocide to the Greek people when historically it can be proven that it is they who have tried to enforced their own Slavic language on the Macedonians who by nature are of a Hellenic dialect since antiquity.

During the Second World War (which with A. Hitler as a forefront was the first overt effort to enforce globalization, a 19th century idea, via military violence and race superiority) in cooperation with the Nazi Axis the Bulgarians tried during their occupation of Macedonia to bulgarize and enforce their Slavic language and Cyrillic script through raw violence and under pain of death, especially to young children/ adolescents, attempting a new form of janizary creation. It is also historically recorded that while withdrawing with their Nazi partners they took with them many Greek minors whom they raised to hate Greece, twisting history to serve their aims.

After the Second World War, when the military enforcement of globalization failed and Liberalism flourished in Europe once more despite the mass murder of Liberal Citizens everywhere, there was created around a decade later a more studied second attempt of economic enforcement of globalization which is now at its pinnacle and which began with the so-called Marshall Plan (ERP) by the USA which ever since are the basic vehicle of the new aristocracy we have already described for the establishment of Globalization (the New Order). When we refer to the USA we do not of course refer to the American People who were the first to be beaten to the ground by the principles of Globalization and who is suffering right now under its effect, but to the diachronic administration which enforced it and is defending it, embezzling the ideas of Freedom and Bravery (the land of the Free, the home of the Brave) so that the administration will cheat the People it is oppressing.

The USA administration (which serves the new aristocracy) supports everyone it can use so that it will blow out of the water all the symbols that have ever been used by the People and/or the People are inspired by while in the same time tear to pieces these countries which have them so that there will not even be physical evidence of the historical truth they are trying to conceal.

That is why, therefore, whatever the administration of Skopje reiterates is considered written in stone, that is why the Greek governments are permissive and treacherous and that is why the USA declare they will support the side that is lying (as, in any case, they have done in all the cases where with the help of traitorous governments they have smashed countries to fragments).
The Skopjan matter is a Trojan Horse for all the countries which have a history and/ or a history of political interest in the modern era, because with the arrival of the enforced migration and the refugees (again within the trajectories of Globalization) and the twisting of history which is broadcasted and cultivated by the mass media and in television series and movies, they will suffer the same tearing down and blatant distortion of their identity on the basis of the precedent which will have been created with the satisfaction of the state of FYROM and the new aristocracy which is using it through the new aristocracy’s representation by the USA administration.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Promotional Messages (2)


To conclude our analysis regarding the most recent publicized promotional trick which follows the letter exchange between the prime ministers of Greece and the country of Skopje, we will begin by saying which was the usefulness of the whole matter of Militi, Florina as well as by mentioning the importance of other moves which, while very important, are hidden by the Greek people and most possibly from the people of the country of Skopje while what is communicated internationally remains undefined.

In particular, from the so called ‘diplomatically dangerous’ issue of the celebration of the prophet Elijah in Meliti, Florina during which an annual Balkan culture festival takes place:

The mass media reported and commented:

1. that in Meliti there is an issue of ‘Macedonian’ minority and fortunes which is proven by the presence of dance and music groups from the country of Skopje, which play Slavic music, after their being invited by the organizers of the festival.

2. that people from the country of Skopje are invited and who are related to dwellers in Meliti, fact which is presented as further indication of the existence of this minority.

3. that nameless people (they are presented on television without name and function and of course no way to double check the evidence) mention their certainty for the existence of this minority in Meliti and Greece in general, self-naming themselves ‘Macedonians of the Aegean’.

4. that during the weekend, members of the far right that is identified with Nazism demonstrated at Greek borders against having buses carrying Skopjan demonstrators/ groups/ of diaspora enter, fact which according to them makes Greece look bad. After the intervention of the district attorney the ‘fanatics’ dispersed peacefully, and the access of the Skopjan people was allowed from that moment on.

5. that the Skopjans were very displeased because they were forced to wait for two hours in the borders while the security check was taking place for the security of the Greeks and peace, since Skopjans had publicly threatened with episodes on Greek soil, fact which for some reason is a minus for Greece.

Taking one point at a time we will explain a. what the mass media are attempting to get across to the Greek people, and b. why the whole issue of Meliti is fabricated for promotional reasons.

1. that in Meliti there is an issue of ‘Macedonian’ minority and fortunes which is proven by the presence of dance and music groups from the country of Skopje, which play Slavic music, after their being invited by the organizers of the festival.”

It is widely known that when one organizes a cultural festival where international cultural groups are participating one must primarily invite them actively so that they will schedule their appearance in the festival and one often offers financial remuneration / accommodation. From the moment the particular group accepts to appear exactly because it is cultural and represents the folklore of its culture/ Nation, it goes without saying that when it comes where the festival is taking place, the group will dance, sing and speak the language, the songs and the dances for which it was invited in the first place.

The existence of such a group which is visiting does not, of course, mean that there exist land or fortune-related or any other type of National matters of the group’s Nation of origin with the country the group is visiting, because if that was the case, then the whole globe would have issues in the several different countries because there have been observed in numerous of them appearances of Irish, Chinese, Aborigine, Shaolin, Argentinian, Spanish, Russian and other groups which blatantly and overtly dance their folk dances and speak their language throughout their stay in each country where the performances are taking place. That is to say, that something which is normal procedure is presented in a distorted manner by the mass media with the purpose of causing fear, anger and specific impressions.

“2. that people from the country of Skopje are invited and who are related to dwellers in Meliti, fact which is presented as further indication of the existence of this minority.”

Again there is an effort to intimidate through misinformation and a false attribution of graveness/ danger/ evidence-giving of a fact which is a world wide phenomenon because of the diverse movement of populations around the globe:

It is very logical to have it occur repeatedly in every country to invite relatives of different Nationalities and national status to visit their families in another country regardless if these families staying in the country are indigenous, immigrants, refugees, of the diaspora, etc. However this phenomenon does not constitute proof of land/ National/ fortune claim in the country they are visiting or they are staying as immigrants/ fugitives. If that were true, then the parade of the Greeks every 25th of March in Astoria, New York in the USA or the festivities of the Irish wordwide at St. Patrick’s Day with parades and the like would constitute evidence that Astoria is Greek soil under the occupation of the Americans for far more than 50 years, and the Irish soil is far larger than is apparent, with most of the irish lands being under occupation by more than six countries of the American Continent, Europe and Australia. All this without mentioning the other festivities openly celebrated and displayed by Chinese, Italian and other National groups.

“3. that nameless people (they are presented on television without name and function and of course no way to double check the evidence) mention their certainty for the existence of this minority in Meliti and Greece in general, self-naming themselves ‘Macedonians of the Aegean’”

Primarily the term ‘Macedonian of the Aegean” is a geographical oxymoron which, though it could simply be proof of the ridiculousness and arbitrariness of the people designing this propaganda, in essence it is an indirect but very definite attempt to transform a term which is connected to a specific area of Greece and its citizens (i.e. a subgroup term) into a term that is connected to a group and has, in turn, subgroups exactly like, for example, Greece is a term containing the subgroups Crete, the Cyclades, Epirus, Thrace, etc.

The people who present themselves to claim the above do not give any other proof beyond their word about their own existence, nor is it, of course, demanded by the mass media which are providing full coverage. After a phone research I conducted in the indigenous people of Meliti, I was informed that a very small group of individuals who are displeased or in a difficult position by the ruling party are stating all of the above for a fee. I was also informed that even under these circumstances it is very hard for the mass media / channels to find people who will make, even anonymously, these statements and ‘they hunt them down to find them like wolves’ as it was told me verbatim.

When I asked a person of the non-state radio of the area there why he had not mentioned all these things, he replied to me that the National Council for the Radio has forbidden to all the local stations except the state one to comment or report anything that does not strictly fall in the artistic/ sports categories.

4. that during the weekend, members of the far right that is identified with Nazism demonstrated at Greek borders against having buses carrying Skopjan demonstrators/ groups/ of diaspora enter, fact which according to them makes Greece look bad. After the intervention of the district attorney the ‘fanatics’ dispersed peacefully, and the access of the Skopjan people was allowed from that moment on

Primarily, this would not have occurred at all if through the Greek0wide and internationally broadcasting mass media it was not cultivated throughout the week a terrorism that the festival taking place in Meliti was going to have every other kind of significance except the objective, harmless and cultural profile it does have.

Secondarily, the constitutional right of every Greek citizen, regardless their political affiliation, to demonstrate peacefully his/her will is attacked. If and since the demonstration of these people consisted only from a vociferation of mottos and slogans nobody had the right to tell them to disperse.

Tertiarily, the particular group of people with their actions characterizes and intimidates the rest of the liberal Greeks into remaining idle (not regarding demonstrating, but regarding following ways that truly count and which the particular group of far right people certainly has not followed) and not defend their Human Rights for fear of not being characterized totalitarian, junta-lovers or fascists.

It is questionable why publicity was given to the particular group and its activities and the rest of the very wide activity of the Greeks within and beyond the borders, which is peaceful and liberal and teaches the proper way to defend the Human Rights of the Greeks (part of whom are the Macedonians) remains unpublished and non-broadcasted despite the successive press releases to all the previously mentioned channels which are the agents of political, social, moral, anti-religious and anti-national propaganda.

It is also unacceptable to have Greek population dispraised for the choice not to want certain elements to come in their country, fact which is their inalienable right just as it is for every population of every country. It is a right that seems to be upheld in the cases of closing up the borders for protection from terrorism that take place at the borders of the USA and the United Kingdom.

“5. that the Skopjans were very displeased because they were forced to wait for two hours in the borders while the security check was taking place for the security of the Greeks and peace, since Skopjans had publicly threatened with episodes on Greek soil, fact which for some reason is a minus for Greece.”

How someone feels, when this someone wants to enter a foreign country which seeks to defend peace and order within its borders and for that follows certain security measures that are typical and do not violate any human right, is irrelevant and does not make any sort of political argument or piece of news. The broadcasting of people who nag in front of the camera because they were obliged to prove, just like any alien, that they are not going to be part of criminal activity within Greek borders is just a means to unfairly anger a people.

If how a person subjected to security check at the borders of a country feels and what he/she has to say has gravity, then all the highly humiliating and insulting checks tourists have to go through in the borders of the UK and the US, as well as in every airport where personal affects are confiscated such as perfume and nail clippers, while others are viewed fully by third parties which constitutes a breach of personality and dignity of every person.

We see that with this analysis, the whole issue of Meliti is just a news-hunting and provocative, distorted presentation of a simple cultural celebration, fact which renders all the contributors to these news stories (reporters, commentators, producers, editors in chief, channel/station directors and owners, and others) as well as the state agents who allowed it to broadcast during the entire week warmongers, anti-peace, anti-hellenic and underminers of the well being and peace of the People of more than the state of Skopje.

Due to length we will refer to the issue of hiding or undertoning of very important elements with relation to the entire issue of Skopje next time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Promotional Messages

When a known Roman emperor said ‘The emperor’s wife should not only be honest, but also look honest’ that which he actually meant was that the importance of the presentation of issues is just as important with the essence of these issues. That is, a big percentage of the events and reactions taking place in global current events do not stem from the essence of things but from how ‘righteous-like’ the situation is allowed to be shown.

That is to say?

That is to say, somebody has the capacity to acquire the so-called ‘window of opportunity’ to go on to take some action, regardless if later it is proven that this somebody’s allegations were unfounded and abusive and he/she destroyed fortunes, lives and esteems unfairly with his/her actions.

This window of opportunity is created by a network of promotional messages which are threadbare but flashy, broadcasted by specific sources which protect these messages from counter-argument messages that would shoot them down immediately and show them to be ridiculous. So, actions take place which afterwards, like dominoes lead to other actions until a result is achieved which otherwise would be impossible to reach.

So history is constructed and things that should never have happened, given common opinion at the time before the spreading of specific promotional messages. Later history analysts just mention in brief how the people was ‘fooled’, ‘waylaid’, ‘enraged’, ‘maddened’ etc.

That which they do not analyze is why the people fell into those mindsets all of a sudden when just before they were calm or methodically progressing towards a specific trajectory (or improvement or deterioration depending on the era) based on the facts they were dealing with on a daily basis. Historic examples include the propaganda of Hitler, of the Ku Klux Klan, or the USA constitution regarding its coloured inhabitants towards the end of the 19th and during the 20th century, as well as during the beginning of the Greek civil war in 1947.

In all these occasions, wrong messages terrorized the People regarding certain groups within it and turned one against the other or towards war with other nations. These wars were completely imposed and the only thing they achieved was to eradicate a large percentage of the human potential of the People which in reality crippled the People ideologically, socially and financially.

In the case of the Skopjan issue now, we have an identical process of twisting and intimidation which leads to the same situations we just described. This process is the result of two cooperating group of forced which have nothing to do with the objective situation of the People of either side and their wishes.

What do we mean by that?

We mean that in the propaganda taking place we have once side which is ranting and raving that it is being wronged and oppressed and the other side, which remains silent or answers in a manner which leaves room for doubt. This, in Physics, is called a ‘force system’ which means that two forces cooperate to turn a lever, or move something heavy (the muscles of the body use the rules of the force system to move the members: one muscle pulls while the other relaxes).

With this system of forces the People is moved, from their default wish for peace and calm, to be fanatized and become violent, wishing for war. This has happened historically countless times with the most obvious example being that of the Second World War, where, from the ‘never again’ motto they had said in the end of WWI they were led and in essence forced to take part in an even worse bloodshed: The German People with the promotional messages of Hitler’s staff, which were very carefully designed (starting from liberal and proper ideas and very gradually evolving into nazist ideas of totalitarianism and genocide, a process which took two decades to mature and in which high profile people from the fields of philosophy, science, the arts and not just from Hitler’s staff contributed actively), and the rest of the Peoples with an inertness and denial (due to the assuaging and other distracting events which were designed to take Peoples’ attention away from the danger which grew and lurked) to realize during these two decades that the ideology dominant in Germany of the time (with the protests, the cultural events, the declarations and the demarches) was leading with mathematical accuracy to a war eruption.

Are you saying there was a cooperation of the leaderships of the states of that time towards the instigation of WWII?

For certain there was a force system which pushed the People to it, very consciously as it can be surmised and proven scientifically, technocratically and objectively from many things, one of which is the free and fully coordinated exchange and co-production of news reports and documentaries which misinformed or fanatized both sides, as well as the financial support of Germany by countries of the Allied front, so that Germany would continue having equipment and armed forced during the preparation and conducting of the WWII at least until its first half.

All this can be proven and are documented in international bibliography (e.g. the special technology developed by IBM for the filing and processing of the data of each one individual of the countless Jews, Gypsies and ideologically opposing people so that their eradication in the gas chambers could take place in full organization and controlled knowledge of even the history of each person that was chosen by computer to be put to death, have fortune taken, etc. The same goes for other technologies that made Hitler’s purging would be much more effective than they could have been if forces from the Allies’ side did not equip him and leave the money flow free towards him.)

And how does the Skopjan issue coincide with the backstairs situation and the real face of WWII?

ideological nationalistic but unfounded and extremely belligerent and war-demanding ideas are not countered but allowed to develop and be established and relayed repeatedly and globally, while they are protected from any counters there is and brims in the thinking, scientific, objective part of the People which is gagged and censored systematically and illegally by everyone, to the level of the censorship of the Junta or McCarthyism of the USA.
The minute, almost dismissible part which promotes the ideological but unfounded, irrational and abusive ideas buys out allies who present a false majority, just like a tiny mouse standing very close to the torchlight makes it so that its shadow is the size of a dinosaur.
the countering from the official matching channels is lukewarm or presented in such a way which in the end supports the adversary.
the People who objectively and rightfully opposes this, is subjected to intimidation and terrorism that if they do not keep silent they will become ‘nationalists’, ‘extreme’, ‘totalitarian’, ‘ludicrous’ and generally culturally inferior and isolated. This fabricated silence, however, is taken as consent by any third party called to watch and draw verdicts (e.g. arbitrators of any type)

We will begin to give specific examples, beginning with the letter of the prime minister of Greece K. Karamanlis, in answer to the baseless and unhistorical demands and claims (almost to the level of an ultimatum) of his counterpart from the country of Skopje and in the next article we will continue with an analysis of the whole coverage and preparation of the events in Meliti, Florina, Greece.

We are linking to the full letter here for space economy. (it is in Greek, but upon finding a translation of it, we will change the link)

In general, the letter states the truth as well as a correct response to the demands of the Skopjan prime minister. However there are specific sentences which deduct power and status from the letter, attributing importance to other agents who have nothing to do with the objective situation and position not only of the facts but also the difference in stature and status of the two sides.


He constantly mentions that Greece is committed (‘bonded’ and therefore liable and in a position not of power but of dependence) to make concessions and back down so that states which Greece has not assumed under its guardianship, nor are they in any official condition of mutuality with Greece beyond the ones that all the countries of the world share with each other, will be able to have international privileges at the expense of Greece who, for some inexplicable and vague reason has been ‘bonded’ to fund without any remuneration beyond that of financial and ethnic impoverishment.

Also, he presented Greece as unilaterally having commited to the keeping of the peace and good neighboring in the Balkans, regardless if the other states there are aggressive and belligerent, investing in processes of embezzlement and arbitrariness in the area. In essence in this way, indirectly but surely he lets the Skopjan country off the hook regarding its obligation to respect the limits of other countries on a land, cultural, historical and anthropological level.

He refers (even with inverted commas) to the issue of ‘Macedonian’ minority saying there is none in Greece. But this implies that there may exist such elsewhere and therefore there exists a ‘Macedonian’ nation, just simply not within Greek borders, giving other leverage to the Skopjan propaganda makers and all who support them. Also, the way which he chooses to deny the existence of the particular ‘minority’ implies that there are other minorities which the Skopjan prime minister mentions in his own letter, which can open up other national matters in Greece (fact which is highly undermining for the peace he professes to be serving).

He urges Skopjan individuals to appeal to specific courts to which people who are oppressed by totalitarian/ absolutist regimes, presenting Greece as such a type of trespasser, which has given the possibility to substantiate a legal case for the taking of lands/ fortunes from the Greeks, instead of showing that such a claim could never hold before any normal court, as is the truth. In essence he gives his consent to Gruevski’s threat to urge the Skopjans to appeal to international courts, actually attempting to equate themselves with real victims of state barbarism such as the Armenians and the Kurds in the Turkish state as well as the Greeks in Northern Epirus (Albania) and in Asia Minor and Constantinople (Instabul) of Turkey, i.e. the victims which have been globally silenced and are not being vindicated ‘for the maintenance of peace and good neighboring’.

Unfortunately the letter of the Greek prime minister ends with the disastrous statement that the prime minister (i.e. the first defender of the Greek Nation according to his rank and title) personally has decided not to serve to the fullest the National rights and interests but instead of that, temporary and international financial/commercial agreements and coalitions/ institutions, characterizing the defending of the Nation and the People as ‘obsolete’ and passed. That is to say, whatever these coalitions/institutions order, he will follow since he is ‘devoted’ to them.

And how should this letter have been so as not to do these things?

Here is the letter as it should have been:

“The Prime Minister of FYROM,


As you know, in order for a country to acquire presence, force and status among an international community which commits to the defense of peace and good neighboring as is underlined by the Security Countil in decision 817, this country is obliged to display respect of the boundaries prescribed not only by common logic and the historic, anthropologic and scientific community but also of the historicity of the existence of the claims of either side.

Your investment in arbitrary and misleading ideas, encouragement and claims to all those who do not have experience of the History of the Balkan peninsula and of its Nations render you in a highly negative light which harms your credibility, since you are trying to embezzle names, history and human potential belonging and having belonged to other Nations, one of which is Greece, in your effort to afford historic background and antiquity to a newly founded small state consisting of a panspermia of Nations and languages.

I am taking advantage of this opportunity to stress to you that Macedonian is a subgroup of the National group of the Hellenes, descending from ancient times with the Hellenic language. The Slavic alphabet is called Cyrillic exactly because its existence is owed to Cyril, a Greek far after Alexander the Great. Cyril, in his effort to acculturate and enlighten more effectively the Slavic raced beyond the limits of Greece, created this script from which benefited several states of the Byzantine era.

Therefore there is no such thing as a Macedonian Language except the Macedonian dialect which is part of the Hellenic one. The individuals to whom you are alluding to correctly as Macedonian are correctly categorized as children of Greece not only from Macedonia, since they are refugees or abducted people from the era of the Greek Civil War and therefore are Hellenes of the Diaspora who, having been persecuted during the totalitarian regime of Tito and were forced to accept a forced and false propaganda. Their children were turned against Mother Greece as they became indoctrinated with propaganda and hate instead of education and peace. This phenomenon had resurfaced in the cases of the Franc and Turkish occupations in Greece, fact, however, which did not characterize its instigators at all positively.


I invite you to honor the support and protection which Greece has afforded you from the resources of her children as well as rise up to the obligations stemming from your ambition to be treated internationally as a modern European state, i.e. have the respect of the pre-existing states and of peace, recanting the unfounded and libelous claims you have made and which are punishable by the authorized International courts and commit yourself from now on to properly educate your People.

History judges the leaders from how they rise to the level of the challenges and assume their responsibilities. Much will depend from your own positive attitude and constructive spirit.”

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Good Example

Often in past articles, both here and in my main one ( stigmata ) I have given the theory and basic trajectories of how common logic and hard fact is attacked by emotional violence, propaganda and attempt to dazzle through conjectures and unfounded statements that at best consist of the attacker’s personal and very subjective opinion. Today, I am very pleased to be given the chance to offer a real example that illustrates exactly what is going on and how a Nation is being pushed and prodded to give up what has been always factually, anthropologically and historically obvious to any objective observer.

A person that will not give their proper name, so that we can see the true identity and life ( and therefore estimate the interests this person is serving as well as his / her motivation and capacity ), wrote an answer to this blog, taking a lot of time and space to try and obscure the arguments presented without any counter- argument.

Below I will give the article almost in its entirety, using it as an example to what is going on as the mainstream propaganda Greeks are being brainwashed with and have been for some time.

1. Primarily a person seeking to derail a sound and true fact will attempt to provide information he / she will call evidence of their allegation but in reality is part of a much bigger whole disproving them altogether : The person we are using as an example today provided the following self contradicting but very assertive presentation of ‘ fact’ which is disproven by the evidence provided to support it, as is obvious on a closer careful look :
“UPDATE: Macedonia was in the past regarded by its own inhabitants as a wide geographic region, inhabited by many ethnic groups. In the middle of the 19th Century, the Slavs of Macedonia thought of themselves as “Macedonian Bulgarians“. This is well known, of course: The “Macedonian” ethnic identity of their modern descendants did not exist at the time. This fact is evident e.g. in the front cover of a 19th century book, “Folk songs of the Macedonian Bulgars” by Stefan Verkovic (1860)

On a superficial perusal this seems like a fact. However, it is a methodological mistake when one seeks to prove something scientifically, such as the nature of the inhabitants of “ a wide geographic region” without taking into account that the naming of this wide geographic region from antiquity until today has had many changes none of which included using the name Macedonia to denote anything or anyone not of Greek heritage. Especially the area in question has been named several things of which Macedonia is the most recent political move enforced by a dictator and not the result of age old ethnic identity and the evolving or development of it. Titles of pop culture books which can be named arbitrarily by their authors cannot in any case be evidence of ethnic, historical and anthropological value when history and scientific historical documents of the last three ( 3) centuries at least show otherwise.

It will, however, be fodder for making impressions and political propaganda which will not hold in the scientific community, exactly like Hitler’s invoking of the Arian Race superiority based falsely on some ( not all as should be ) philosophical theories and fabricated scientific evidence based on skull measurements which never did and never will hold on proper scientific scrutiny. He also circulated pamphlets with the prophecies of Nostradamus as sound proof of his claims and even that he did not include in its entirety because Nostradamus was not fully accommodating. Finally, the above example of the 19th century book titled provided, is not mentioned to be part of a Bulgarian political attempt to acquire Greek soil as they have many times since displayed especially during and following the 2 World Wars and therefore does not constitute proof at all of an ethnic identity but of what the attempt to use the particular name in a composite appellation can and will amount to, should it be allowed : attempt for occupation, bloodshed and breaching of Human Rights as was done by the Bulgarians and is still remembered by their victims and their descendents who are still alive.

2. The person seeking to obscure sound and valid arguments may also attempt to present a neutral fact as argument, hoping for the other person’s imagination to fill in the blanks to make it so. For example, in the article we are examining the person says :
“ However, many Greeks and (most) Slavs of today’s (wider) Macedonia are unwilling to accept anyone else being “Macedonian”, than themselves. They both seem to forget that Madeconia has been (for a very long time) a geographic region, rather than an ethnic identity, or a nationality, or an ancient State. E.g.”

The above is a fact. However, it does not prove or even make an indication as to which side is correct. There also a suspicious glossing over of information which is vital in forming an objective and well rounded outlook on the matter by phrases like “ for a very long time” which for the Slavs may amount to seventy (70) years of making such a claiming while for the Greeks it amounts to a few millennia. Also, upon closer scrutiny and content analysis, the above statement implies the animosity that does exist between the holder of a title / name and the contender and the strife that can and will be derived from it if this is not settled properly.
Then, an example is attempted to be offered by this person :

3. The example offered begins as relevant and then goes on at a tangent without sufficient explanation why it is an illustration of the fact it is strung with :
“Mrs. Olga G. Yeritsidou is a Greek psychologist (and a blogger) who declared (in response to rather moderate views I had expressed, in blog-conversation with her ) that… “in Psychology, satire is a manifestation of covert hostility and impotence (or powerlessness)”.
(in Greek, “η σάτιρα… στην ψυχολογία υποδεικνύει κεκαλυμμένη επιθετικότητα και ανημποριά από το άτομο που την εξαπολύει.”)
Well, an ENGLISH post follows, as a critique of the above quote (which is also the post-title in Greek):”

The above quote is irrelevant to the fact the person stated presented in 2. because it is not pertinent to my stance and view of the Skopjan matter but to a scientific estimation according to my application of psychological theories on the function of satire. However, satire and what I think of it has nothing to do with the Skopjan matter but everything, apparently, to do with the reason and motivation of this person’s use of my name as opposed to anyone else’s sharing my views and they are many, regardless of political affiliation, gender and age. It stands to reason because the above statement was made in an effort to make the particular person be serious about a very serious matter instead of using satire which has no purpose ( except to bully someone into remaining silent or goad someone out of a calm and controlled demeanour ) or argumentative value whatsoever.

4. A person that cannot meet another on the objective level with sound arguments will attempt to gag the one he / she cannot counter with threats of tags and branding that this person knows and abhors :
“Mrs. Yeretsidou is an extremely militant advocate of the well known “Macedonia is (only) Greek” hard-line doctrine, which is advocated today only by the Extreme Right in Greek poltiics, even though she does not appear to have any right-wing views (in any other issue than Macedonia)”.

With the above paragraph this person attempts to accuse me or my view as being that of the Junta or any such similar totalitarian and unacceptable regime which is an effort to scare people who are liberal and free spirits to even dare go against mainstream doctrine and propaganda for fear of being branded as what they most hate. He / she also calls me militant ( extremely so ) when everything that is being done is according to the law, the scientific truth and Human Rights. Of course, there is a token nod to the fact that my profile and my writings as well as my family history and personal life conduct is completely opposed to anything totalitarian and as such so do my views upon the Skopjan matter advocate freedom, peace and prosperity for all in the Balkan Peninsula. It will not, however, accommodate interests that are not the vested right of any people. Using a name that is not yours is not a vested right of anyone on any level UNLESS the rightful owner of the name gives you the right to do it.

5. To further obscure and present a person whose arguments cannot be disproven, one can resort to an attempt to ridiculize what the person is saying with a running commentary ( with words like “ wow” and an abundance of suspension points as well as a good helping of irony ) which does not, however, explain why what is being said deserves this ridicule, leaving it again to imagination to fill in the blanks. It also blends irrelevant issues with the relevant ones. For length issues I do not paste the relevant paragraphs but I shall provide the link to the text if anyone is curious.

6. A person will also attempt to misinform and instead of providing objective facts, he / she will instead present the fact in an abundance of descriptive adjectives, anxious to ensure that the reader will not stray from the trajectory this person is setting. For example, though this person does mention that I did not bother to give him / her a history lesson since he / she did not give any indication of being a serious discussion partner, this person fails to mention that I have mentioned the case of the ( official ) naming of the U.K. as U.K. and not Great Britain because France, which possesses the historically coveted by the English region of Bretagne, rightly so opposed to this appellation to protect its territorial rights and prevent further strife. Since this person appears upon content analysis to have knowledge of my views through my blogs ( i.e., has read them ) this is an inaccurate statement on his / her part.

This person also claims not to be a nationalist ( an indirect accusation that my views are extreme since mainstream propaganda portrays Nationalism as equal to Racism with the exception of ethnic badgering between countries during sports events like football events and basketball events ) and by the way he phrases the following, possibly completely uninterested to what any other country can inflict on the land he / she lives in, whether or not he / she is part of the Greek nation. Then the person proceeds to threaten again with a contradictory threat since everyone can call themselves what they want ( according to his / her article ) by stating the following :

“However, I do feel it’s very unjust for Greek Macedonians, to be eventually forced to lose the very term “Macedonia”, which should NOT be the “copyright” of anyone, anymore (I think) within the geographic region of Macedonia: Greek Macedonia, Bulgarian Macedonia, as well as the small part of (wider Geographic) Macedonia that belongs to today’s FYROM.”


7. Then, this person proceeds to fulfil a “promise” to me ( which upon its fulfilment he / she did not in any way let me know, and it was one of my readers who dropped me a note asking me to answer it ) by trying to disprove what I have stated is the true situation regarding the Skopjan matter. Below I will paste all of it and in brackets indicate what is attempted to be achieved by this display :

“1. Macedonia and her name at this moment stand established in theory as well as in action as part/grounds of the country of Hellas (Greece).

No. I am afraid that the term “Macedonia” is now seriously in danger of becoming another country’s copyright, unless we can achieve a compromise about it. [ this is not proof but this person’s opinion which is regurgitated by the media. This is an opinion presented as fact with no support to prove it valid. That another country is claiming the name does not mean that it is not Greek and established as such.]

2. UNLESS ONE BECOMES AN INVADING FORCE THROUGH AN IMPERIALISTIC WAR, nobody can usurp the name, the lands and the history of Macedonia within the law.

No. Nobody would start an imperialistic war (against Greece) for the sake of the word “Macedonia”, although some extremists would like such a war, in BOTH countries (Greece and FYROM). [ this is not proof but this person’s opinion which is regurgitated by the media. This is an opinion presented as fact with no support to prove it valid. That another country is claiming the name does not mean that it is not Greek and established as such. History has proven that war has occurred over this name before, along with moves made by other countries’ dictators.]

3. This legality to usurp can be given ONLY DELIBERATELY AND ONLY BY HELLAS (GREECE) HERSELF.

No. That’s nonsense (or delusions of grandeur and childish omnipotence). Our problem is completely different: That the other side refuses to bargain. [ This is an attempt to ridiculize and inexplicably characterise what is a valid and provable fact. What is provided as an answer is not proof or argument but this person’s opinion. This is an opinion presented as fact with no support to prove it valid. That another country is claiming the name does not mean that it is not Greek and established as such, which is why arbitration by the U.N. is taking place and why NATO accepted it.]

CONSEQUENTLY IT IS BEING ENFORCED ON GREEKS THREATENING (of the type: ‘we made wrong moves/ we are bound by political agreements/ we will be isolated/ there will be war’) AND MANIPULATION OF DIFFERENT MANNER (of the type: ‘you are fanatics/nationalists/ cruel/ hard/ historically uneducated/ etc’) SO THAT WE WILL WILLINGLY AND ON OUR OWN GIVE THIS LEGALITY WHICH IS LACKING FROM THE CLAIMS OF THE STATE OF SKOPJE.

Nope. I’m afraid that sounds like paranoid bulshit. It also doesn’t make much sense (in English)… [ this is another attempt to characterise without backing up with arguments the characterisation. The derogatory nature of the characterisation indicates anger, helplessness to disprove the statement and pent up aggression on that person’s part. It usually takes place when a person is cornered and out of arguments, constituting an attempt to derail from the objective to the subjective personal levels. It also displays a poor knowledge of the English syntax ( however unusual ) but this is particular to this person and not the general strategy this person is using.]

IF WE ACCEPT ANY KIND OF NAME CONTAINING THE TERM ‘MACEDONIA’ (that is, if we compromise as we are being pressured to do) :

No. If we can achieve an agreement safeguarding the rights of Greek Macedonians, then no claims and demands can ever again be justified. If -on the other hand- we stubbornly insist on a name that does not even contain the word “Macedonia”, then the other side will never agree to this! So, emotionally (and otherwise) we will then acquire an eternal enemy, thereby legalising the other side’s claims and demands, ever worsening, as time passes. [ This is again all conjectural and lacking the common knowledge that when you give in to an irrational and unjust claim you simply indicate that the one who claimed it should have asked for more.]


No. It is our historic obligation to achieve a peaceful compromise with those Slavic people whose presence in our own country (as well as other regions of the Balkans) was just as valid as our own, once upon a time. But we do have to give up psychological denial: Denial of the fact that they were just as native within the wider geographic region of Macedonia just as our own (native) Greek Macedonians. [ This lacks historical documentation and it is an insult to the men and women we honour in our National Anniversaries who obviously did not think they were obligated to give up what was rightfully theirs and shed their blood to keep it. It is also ethnic slander because it does not indicate how any Slavic or other people coming to reside in Greece became absorbed by the indigenous population instead of forming minorities as is being implied here. ]


No. This extremist attitude is advocated ONLY by the Extreme Right (in Greece), today. ALL other political parties have agreed on a moderate stance (of a composite name containing the word “Macedonia”) instead. [ This is not argument disproving or proving anything except an unacceptable attempt to compartmentalise pluralism of opinion into what political parties say. It also is a greater disrespect to any individual, Greek or not, as it is implying an incapacity of individuals to be able to think critically and instead relying on party politics to form an opinion. Also, an opinion is not copyright to a political party. Anyone can have it and in the same time not be part of it or use it in the way the alluded to party is, which is not in any way in the interests of the true Greek people. ]


No. Such war (although at the moment unlikely) can happen anyway, regardless of how the other side is called officially. As a matter of fact, war-like sentiments are likely to increase on both sides, if an agreement is not reached that saves the dignity of both. [ Again this is an unfounded opinion without any argumentative support. ]


No. There is nobody to liberate (unless the tiny minority of Macedonian Slavs in Greece is overestimated by our own… paranoid national imagination). [ Again this is an unfounded opinion without any argumentative support. It also is another attempt to ridiculize. ]


No. Only if a reasonable compromise is not mutually accepted, hostile feelings can get the chance of being cultivated in both countries, against each other; certainly not helpful for Peace. [ Again this is an unfounded opinion without any argumentative support. Peace is achieved when everyone’s boundaries are extremely clear. Any parent with two children is aware of this fact. ]

No, Absolutely Not True: We have ALREADY compromised. It’s now the OTHER side’s obligation, to respect this compromise, and respond to it…”
[ Again this is an unfounded opinion without any argumentative support. Without a National referendum the diplomatic strategy followed only reflects the opinions and interests served by anyone else except the Greek people. ]

This person rambles on and on in the same way which is typical and identical and falling in the obscuring strategies discussed and illustrated. Time and length do not allow me to continue reiterating how so called statements this person makes are unfounded / slanted / misleading or simple attempts to ridiculize or call names. Any person interested can do that on their own time by following the link I will provide at the end of the article. I will finish today’s illustration of how opinion leaders attempt to intimidate those with critical thinking and objective thought while hiding behind a pseudoname which grants them impunity and the capacity to argue for both sides depending on where the wind blows, with this fine specimen :

“So, an uncompromising attitude, that depends on the highly arrogant, irrational premise that we can dictate to another independent nation how to call themselves, is justified and sanctified as an absolute logical prerequisite for Peace in our region; Not only peace, but for the very integrity of Greece (keeping our nation “intact”). (wow…)
I.e. Mrs. Yeretsidou imagines that as soon as a certain small neighbouring country is officially recognised internationally as “Macedonia” (without any adjective or any geographic qualification) then the path towards instability, war and the destruction of the Greek nation will follow, as an inescapable logical consequence!
-How paranoid! Well, 120 countries have already accepted FYROM as “Republic of Macedonia” and there have been no such evil consequences!”

It is easy to detect all the stratagems : false characterisation ( arrogant, irrational premise when the premise is defendable by law and Human Rights ), unfounded claims ( that we cannot and apparently should not prevent another country from calling itself something that is ours, not as is attempted to be presented dictating in general what the name should be ) and gratuitous name calling ( paranoid, arrogant, etc ) without the presentation of a single argument except of the typical manipulator’s tenet “ THAT’S WHAT EVERYONE WANTS”( if 120 countries have accepted it it does not mean we must, as the country of the U.S.A. has displayed often on environmental and other issues including Human Rights and Nuclear Weapons while everyone else – literally- abides by them. It also is not important how many countries have accepted something but if the crucial ones within the matter – in this case Greece, as the power of the veto displayed – have ).

Link to all of the article, as promised:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chess Moves

Always, when someone on any level (individual, state, international) wants to do something and truly is set on achieving it, one follows a strategy. This strategy can remain stable or change depending on the quality of the opponent’s strategy.

There are many types of strategy which one can use and which, if we are interested, we can see in their most abstract from during a chess game (or several more). Just like math, so does chess contain a sense of awe and fear that we will not be able to understand it. But this is not true on either case since both math and chess are just a language of simple logic exactly as the language we use to communicate: in the beginning we speak slowly, but if we continue practicing we acquire fluency and even glibness to our speech. All chess players say that before one can measure capacity or talent in chess, one must have been taught all the chess moves and strategies that, if one is unaware of, no matter how intelligent or talented he/she will not be able to display as much.

That is exactly what happens in all the facets of life and it is exactly this knowledge that is attempted to be hidden from the citizens- and when despite it all they manage to acquire it and make it theirs, it is attempted to convince them that what they have does not exist or it is too late to use it.

In the case of the issue of the naming of Skopje, we notice this with the continuous broken record of propaganda for inland consumption alone and according to which any objection on the part of Greece and demand for complete absence of the term ‘Macedonia’ from the name of the state of Skopje is doomed because it is now ‘too late’.

This is a tactical trick as it is never too late, especially in the cases where the people has not been properly, actually and officially informed for the action and the decisions or moves or lack thereof of the governments pertinent since World War II and onwards. Also, the claim that it is futile or too late or non-feasible is wrong as can be demonstrated by the facts and other such cases [see the case of France’s objection to the official name ‘Great Britain’ (that is, a name with a specialization) due to possible imperialistic tendencies on the part of England with regards to Brittany, France. The objection was sustained. / the case of the forbidding of Taiwan from the state of China to use a composite name with the term ‘China’ in it] on an international level.

Also, the claim that a composite name with specialization does not promote imperialistic motives is historically disproven, since if that holds true, France’s objection would not have been sustained (instead of ‘Great Britain’ England was forced to be officially named United Kingdom) nor would the condition have developed as it did in the divided Vietnam.

Therefore, it is not only not too late, but there should not in any case be allowed for the term ‘Macedonia’ to exist in any kind of composite name for the state of Skopje.

Any phenotypically ‘moderate’ and ‘compromising’ solutions/give-ins are in essence not only traitorous to Greece and unfair on the basis of historical, anthropological and human rights data but also war mongering and fully destructive for all the states of the Balkans without exception and beyond, since with a composite name a pro-war imperialistic policy can be promoted in the hands of any conscienceless or bought leader.

One very successful strategy which is applied in chess and in life is that of ‘divide and conquer’: It is very easy to beat the adversary if you isolate in small groups his/her pawns on the chess board instead of allowing them to have one big common front.

In the case of Greece this has always been accomplished through misinformation, discord, mal-coordination between the several groups and parts of it. A stellar example in the history of Greece is the Civil War of 1946 which was created by a systematic misinformation of the different groups of fighters and civilians who had cooperated seamlessly and successfully during World War II against the forces of the Axis powers. During World War II all the ‘leading’ political figures prominent during the Civil War were absent from Greek soil. The misinformation which began with the arrival of these political figures culminated with the several provocateur incidents and the threatening of the people regarding possession of arms and the philosophical/political alignment of the several groups which had fought united against Nazism and which aimed at the creation of a provision state and actual education. This state and this education plan had already been applied with great success before the arrival of these political persons from Egypt, where they had fled during World War II. It was this exact provision state and education plan, vastly different than the ones applied in the USSR, which was erased from the face of the earth as if it had never at all existed with the coming of this fabricated Civil War.

In our days, the exact same sowing of discord and division of the Greek element is attempted within the borders and out of them through:

1. misinformation

The mass media present a completely one-sided and non-objective take on things, promoting directly or indirectly the claims of Skopje, gagging and hiding at the same time all the actions, objections and moves by Greek citizens, associations and societies inside and outside the borders. So, inside the borders the Greeks believe that the Diaspora is not at all interested in the Macedonian matter and is idle or in accordance with the positions of foreign powers. The Diaspora believes that the Greeks inside the borders are completely unconcerned or in agreement with the official announcements and positions of those in power and also believe that the lukewarm governmental stance which follows the so-called ‘compromising’ solutions (which we already analyzed where they lead as a strategy) is the most dynamic that the Greek population has to offer. Therefore, both the domestic and the diaspora Greeks feel isolated, weakened and at least disappointed with each other.

Local mass media in each greek region project very different impressions, relaying a propaganda which is uneven and contradictory and which everyone in each Greek region assumes is the same for all of Greece. So, in Northern Greece, intolerance towards the Skopjan positions is promoted as well as a sense of combativeness in case of imperialistic tendencies. But in Southern Greece a great tolerance towards the Skopjan positions is promoted and at best moderate morale or even pessimistic about what is going to happen. In Cyprus they feel anger towards main Greece because it is promoted that Greece betrayed them and has continued to do so since the invasion of the Turks there in 1974. In the same time in main Greece there is great frustration towards Cyprus for the lack of apparent support to our goals or even in the weakening of our diplomatic positions because of the pending Cypriot situation. The same is also happening in Crete as well, since the rumour exists in the air that Crete feels ‘Cretan first and Greek second’.

This creates a fabricated situation of differentiation and fragmentation which can very easily lead to Ethnic strife and bloodshed with very grim forecasts for the unified state of Greece.

2. threatening

With the propaganda and the enforcement of an out of bounds rising price rate the Greek people is bombarded with the idea that it is poor, powerless and weak. The continuous failed syndicate efforts to curb the egregious social breaches of Human Rights of the Greek People is a constant confirmation for the Greek citizen that he/she ‘can shout but not do’.

In the same time we are threatened that the decision is already taken by the majority of the International Community that if we oppose it we will be going against the so-called super powers with tenebrous but in essence and actually undefined consequences, without at all stressing our own strategic force, power and importance towards them.

In addition we are threatened that we are militarily weak, an idea that has been cultivated systematically since the time of the invasion of the Turks in Cyprus, which was also the official excuse of the government at the time for our withdrawal as well as the deterrence of the thousands of Greek citizens of all ages who spontaneously volunteered at the centre of Athens so they could be sent to defend Cyprus. They were ordered to return home because “there was not enough equipment and arms for a Cypriot expedition”. Now it is openly and audaciously confessed by the generals of the time that they lied so that they would not support Cyprus and so that they would rebuff the unified Greek people who, without sufficient equipment and arms, gave rise to the epic fight of 1940-1944 where they beat back the Italian fascist forces with nearly their bare hands.

The exact same setting ot rebuffing of the intent of the Greek People for the defense of the interests and rights of Greece and of her lands took place during the skirmish at Imia islands in 1996.

The same is happening now from the exact same people, sides and interests not to prevent the Greeks from going to war, but to make them be afraid of what may happen if they raise their true diplomatic voice.

Until now, we have explored the most obvious chess moves and strategies of those against the Greek People but also every People including the one in the state of Skopje, who has been manipulated for fifty years.

In the next article we will explore the simplest chess moves and strategies which would ensure peace in the area of the Balkans and the Greek interests intact without any breach of the rights of other Peoples.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today, at a time according to what is being said about burglars and break ins by common opinion and general estimations was not the expected one, burglars invaded into my home and took money and jewelry. When I realized it I was surprised because the burglars had struck in broad daylight and while neighbours and members of my family were within and around the house.

But when the forensics police officer came to see if there were any fingerprints left behind, he informed me that it is usual for a burglar to break in in broad daylight, something which can be avoided if the people are aware of it and have taken certain recautions which, however, are not made known to the people and those who know of them are the experts and the ones who have already been ‘burned’.

Except for the singular occasional police officer who is trying to help and support just like the police officer of forensics who came to my house or others who have aided me by familiarizing me with law and legal stipulations which should have been taught to the citizen and not be so hard to find, the general treatment by the state’s agency on the faceless, impersonal level was highly degrading, rejecting and fully against doing even the matter-of-course, self evident thing, such as recording the incident and react immediately without the need for persuasion of any kind.

This is the exact situation which exists regarding Greek individual citizens on all levels and all needs for actual and singular expression and publication of their voice and opinion fact which does not hold for non-Greek individuals who are heard any time (on the news, on talk shows and the like) so long as they serve a propaganda with which it is being attempted that Greek individual citizens be convinced to concede in not taking the precautions that the expert (i.e. history on the level of country relations and world war history) shows they must be taken so that the barefaced burglar will not enter exactly where nobody imagines that burglar able to attempt breaking in and will not manage to steal the precious valuables of economy, culture and history which the burglar covets.

“You don’t know how much I worked to convince my mother to keep her valuables in a safe place and not a plain one,” the police officer told me. Nobody teaches the people to protect themselves from the burglars and the thieves. The token protection given is designed and organized in a way that even police officers who want to cannot have the effectiveness they must and which they themselves would like, exactly as we are not taught as the Hellenic Nation to guard ourselves from the other sort of burglar, the thieves of civilization, human resource, intellectual property, history, culture and in the final analysis, money and property.

On the contrary, we are being forced, through propaganda of the level of brain washing by the mass media but also any single opinion leader who believes he/she will gain status among his/her peers (from the level of the open air market to the level of the Academia), to do everything so that there will be no protection of our Ethnic property and legacy, to make ‘compromises’ which are not compromises but defeats and a disappointing level of competence for a people who did not compromise with the Nazis when other countries tagged as ‘strong’ were dropping their shields and capitulating nor with every dictatorship which was attempted to be enforced on this people on the force of hand of ‘state powers’ which we are currently being told to fear.

And the truth is that the Greek people DOESN’T compromise and DOESN’T capitulate.

How, then, is the situation broadcasted internationally justified, that Greece is compromising and capitulation with a ‘middle way solution’ which everyone knows is a triumph for the state of Skopje and the distortion of the truth and blatant trespassing and deceit (in the person of young people who are not being taught proper history) which the state of Skopje represent, since the Greek people doesn’t do that?

Because the true Greek people is gagged by all the basic mass media.

Not only does the mass media deny to broadcast next to the claims and allegations of the Skopjan citizens the declarations and proof of Greek citizens against them, but they also deny to broadcast OFFICIAL MOVES AND PETITIONS NOT ONLY BY INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS BUT ALSO BY WHOLE COALITIONS OF CITIZENS WITHIN AND OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.

Each one of us feels isolated or half-accepts the tag of ‘extremist’ which is pinned by the mass media and the opinion leaders and we are not aware that we are not the exception but the rule- and that we have allies all over the globe.

This deliberate propaganda and weakening through the artificial sensation that each one of us is alone and will be isolated if he/she expresses him/herself is manufactured systematically with the politicians of all sides in the lead, except for the ones who already are not popular to the Greeks because of the totalitarianism they advocate which is completely against the Greek free spirit, and therefore they colour a correct position as right-extremist and non-democratic. This type of deliberate combination of a correct concept/ idea/ position with something so abjectly negative and hated has been done before with the decomposition of our Nation and its permanent paralysis in mind.

Proof for the above:

Regarding my announcement which I faxed to all the basic TV channels in Greece (MEGA, ANT1, ALPHA, ALTER, SKAI, NET, NET 3) concerning the petition published in this blog, it was either ignored or I was told overtly on Sunday, April 13 2008 by the chief news editors of the channels that they would not broadcast it or mention it in reports or news flashes, AGAINST the Greek law (‘Code of Deontology of news and other reporting and political broadcasting programs’, Presidential Decree no. 77, 20/03/2003) as the letter of the law stipulates.
The combination of ‘Hellas of Christian Hellenes’ was associated irrevocably with the 1967 Junta after propaganda of seven years, resulting in the Greek citizen hating the phrase and fearing, as a result, to declare his/her Hellenic identity. In psychology, this is called ‘classical conditioning’ that is the stimulus of the hatred caused by the junta is now transferred and associated with the innocent and amicable stimulus of the identity which helped the Greek citizen survive the Turkish occupation and Nazism.
The mass media as well as the state itself had not informed about the propaganda concerning the state of Skopje going rampant in past decades so that the Greek people would be given the chance to react before we reach the present day delirium.

Does all this seem like a conspiracy theory of a disaster herald?

But still, it isn’t. It is the policy which has been determined for the neutralizing of all the peoples with characteristics like those of the Hellenes according to Henry Kissinger as he openly stated in Washington, in 1974:

Henry Kissinger: «
The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East»

Is it possible, that in conjuction with the effort to silence me, today’s attack on my home is a warning not unlike the ones my father had received in the final years before his murder, or shall we ignore this, after all which has been said, as a conspiracy theory of a disaster herald?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Report Sent to International Organizations, April 8, 2008

FROM: Olga G. Yeritsidou / Geritsidou

TO: The United Nations Security Council


For Racist Harassment and Persecution,
Defalcation, Dilution and Falsification of the National &
Cultural Identity and Persecution and Encroachment of
Human Rights.

Athens, 8 April 2008


I am compelled, under the circumstances, to bring to your attention the following facts which blatantly encroach upon, devalue and threaten my very human dignity, my National and Humanistic Essence of Being and my National Identity as a Greek Macedonian.

Repeatedly and shamelessly, several units of unclear origin, ethnicity and motive, engage in an undeniable attempt of twisting of my national as well as of world history, with the ulterior objective of unsettling and embezzling national lands in the near future, under an irredentist pretext, which has already caused considerable bloodshed in my country of origin, my birthplace in Greece, as well as in the worldwide humanity, repeatedly, during the course of the twentieth century.

The reason behind my present address to the world community is because no official action at national or institutional level, has fully and irrevocably restored the truth, justice and order which are serially trodden upon by the unsubstantiated and slanderous claims of a multi-ethnic intermixture, who, being totally ignorant of historical fact and under manipulation, continue to pander to a “national” identity devised and inflicted upon by a planted dictator, of dubious political orientation and origin.

With the indulgence of the world community, and to the utmost disregard of objective and uncontestable historical, anthropological, linguistic and other scientific findings, that multiethnic miniscule entity of a state, encouraged by the real enemies of my Nation and in a state of delusional delirium constitutes an instrument towards the fulfillment of a number of national and socioeconomic targets, or powers who transcend the confines of ethnic and national identities, and who, throughout the course of modern history, have been responsible for the grave lack of equilibrium and peace in the Balkans.

Based on the principles of psychology and the history of international relations, it becomes apparent to the objective observer that the above unsubstantiated claim constitutes the most recent attempt on the part of those aforementioned powers to nullify and stultify national fibres and identities, which, have proved to possess such fortitude so as to resist both degeneration and the uncontested acceptance of actions or of polities aimed against them or the ideas these represent. Indubitably, such is that fortitude and instinct of survival, that those Nations who possess it invariably constitute obstacles to those workings and policies whose aim is the dilution and leveling all ethnically pure Nations worldwide.

I am therefore forced, not only as a citizen who is offended and slandered at, but also as a thinking and objective scientist who can foresee that these offensive actions aim at and will create the platform for the fragmentation and bloodshed of my country, Greece, as well as of the ceding of lands and property belonging to my people, the Greeks, to the international – with no particular national allegiance - sociopolitical and economic interests, which by means of similar tactics, have achieved global control, misguiding and manipulating the people, to declare that:

1. My name is: Olga Georgiou Yeritsidou / Geritsidou
2. I was born in: The Hellenic (Greek) city of Kavala, Macedonia, on the 7th of September 1955.
3. To: George Alexiou Yeritsidis / Geritsidis and Vassiliki Sotiriou Kouirouki
4. My origins on my mother’s side are of wide Macedonian descent as:
A. My mother’s father was born Soterios Synadakis, in the Turk-occupied Hellenic city of Macedonia : Kavala towards the end of the 19th century and received the surname Kouiroukis during the Greek Balcan Wars against Turkey, belonging to a large family who repeatedly had to pay in blood, both to the Turkish as well as the Bulgarian occupiers, so as to be able today to claim the Right of their Free Proclamation of their Hellenic (Greek) identity, something that holds true for the whole city of Kavala, nonetheless.
B. My mother’s mother was born Soultana Angelou, in the Greek village of Nevrokopi Serron, Macedonia, during the Turkish occupation of Macedonia, in the early years of the 20th century, again belonging to a large family who felt and declared its Greek identity. The male members of that family were killed fighting in the War of Liberation 1912-13 and for the annexation to Greece of previously occupied lands belonging to her since ancient times.
C. My mother Vassiliki, and her older sister Evangelia were born in Thessaloniki, capital of Macedonia, while the third in line daughter of the family was born in Nigrita, Macedonia, during the 1920’s.

5. My origins on the part of my father are evidence of war-mongering which is the result of such instigated conflicts:
A. My father Georgios was born in Ekaterinenburg, Russia, grew up in Xanthi, Thrace, fleeing there to escape persecution of his family, most of whom were executed immediately after his birth.
He was raised by a Greek father and was imbued with all Greek ideals and beliefs, fought for Greece during 1946-48 (and was decorated) declaring himself as Greek with Thrace as his specific homeland. He was murdered under the pretext of 17th November 1973 because of his unsung actions in the defense of the Greek citizen.

6. It is worth mentioning that during the course of World War II, when Macedonia, a purely Hellenic land inhabited by consistently Greek population since the days of the Byzantine Empire, was under Bulgarian occupation, it was strictly forbidden to Greek children that attended Greek school to speak the Greek language, while at the same time they were viciously forced to learn and use the Bulgarian language.
This was clearly resisted to and fought for by the Greek children who refused to use the Bulgarian language outside the premises of Bulgarian controlled schools, and who stopped eventually attending school altogether during the German – Bulgarian occupation because of that reason.
After the liberation of Macedonia from these forces of occupation at the end of World War II, this temporary and forcibly enforced use of Bulgarian language not only was altogether stopped but the traumatic attempt on the part of the German – Bulgarian occupiers to rape the inhabitants’ Hellenic origin and Greek identity was permanently deleted from the collective memory of all those who had had to suffer such abuse, for ever.

As a consequence of the above, and as a representative individual of the Macedonian total who consists a subset of the general Hellenic population, I DECLARE:

1. My protest for the planned marring of my Hellenic (Greek) identity.
2. My protest for the twisting and pandering to of the identity of my specific homeland,
3. My protest for the engineering of falsification and distortion of the history of Greece,
4. My protest for the engineering of falsification and distortion of the history of Macedonia,
5. My protest for the encroachment of my human rights,
6. My protest for the abuse and maltreatment of science in this age and time of technocracy and objectivity as concerns scientific studies.
7. My protest for the aiding and abetting of the implantation and cultivation of systematic falsification by institutions which have been entrusted with the defense of the global historical heritages of the Nations of Earth and not with the allowing for or permitting of falsification of the said heritages by economic cartels of various forms.
8. My protest for the unacceptable pressure which my Nation is experiencing, aiming at a terrible self- despoiling erasing history written in its own blood and its own blood alone, by institutions and nations which pose as friendly to Greece and refer to her history as the cornerstone of culture and civilization.



Ignoring or postponing a written response on your part within the legal time-limits constitutes an automatic acceptance of the above policies of injustice towards the people of my Nation on your part. This fact, and this fact alone, holds you responsible for the future of the Balkans and whichever other consequences these facts or negligence thereof may bring in the future.

Refusal to proceed with an immediate restitution of the above injustices constitutes the beginning of an era of historical terrorism on the people of earth in your knowledge, aiding and abetting.

Restitution on your part would involve on a global scale:

A. A declaration on the part of the entity of the state having Scopje as its capital, posting their unreserved acceptance and agreement of history as is objectively true, and their official apology for the persecution which they have been waging and are still waging against Greece, as well as,
B. The official recognition of the racist persecution we have to persevere, as well as the official acceptance of their error by those countries who have been and still are applying pressure for my Nation to deny its history.


I petition and ask for the restitution of the above injustices and historical trespassing.
I petition and ask for the protection of my Nation as concerns the cultural, political and personal attacks it sustains through the various Mass Media and the representatives of the nations.

Olga George Yeritsidou / Geritsidou