Saturday, April 12, 2008

Report Sent to International Organizations, April 8, 2008

FROM: Olga G. Yeritsidou / Geritsidou

TO: The United Nations Security Council


For Racist Harassment and Persecution,
Defalcation, Dilution and Falsification of the National &
Cultural Identity and Persecution and Encroachment of
Human Rights.

Athens, 8 April 2008


I am compelled, under the circumstances, to bring to your attention the following facts which blatantly encroach upon, devalue and threaten my very human dignity, my National and Humanistic Essence of Being and my National Identity as a Greek Macedonian.

Repeatedly and shamelessly, several units of unclear origin, ethnicity and motive, engage in an undeniable attempt of twisting of my national as well as of world history, with the ulterior objective of unsettling and embezzling national lands in the near future, under an irredentist pretext, which has already caused considerable bloodshed in my country of origin, my birthplace in Greece, as well as in the worldwide humanity, repeatedly, during the course of the twentieth century.

The reason behind my present address to the world community is because no official action at national or institutional level, has fully and irrevocably restored the truth, justice and order which are serially trodden upon by the unsubstantiated and slanderous claims of a multi-ethnic intermixture, who, being totally ignorant of historical fact and under manipulation, continue to pander to a “national” identity devised and inflicted upon by a planted dictator, of dubious political orientation and origin.

With the indulgence of the world community, and to the utmost disregard of objective and uncontestable historical, anthropological, linguistic and other scientific findings, that multiethnic miniscule entity of a state, encouraged by the real enemies of my Nation and in a state of delusional delirium constitutes an instrument towards the fulfillment of a number of national and socioeconomic targets, or powers who transcend the confines of ethnic and national identities, and who, throughout the course of modern history, have been responsible for the grave lack of equilibrium and peace in the Balkans.

Based on the principles of psychology and the history of international relations, it becomes apparent to the objective observer that the above unsubstantiated claim constitutes the most recent attempt on the part of those aforementioned powers to nullify and stultify national fibres and identities, which, have proved to possess such fortitude so as to resist both degeneration and the uncontested acceptance of actions or of polities aimed against them or the ideas these represent. Indubitably, such is that fortitude and instinct of survival, that those Nations who possess it invariably constitute obstacles to those workings and policies whose aim is the dilution and leveling all ethnically pure Nations worldwide.

I am therefore forced, not only as a citizen who is offended and slandered at, but also as a thinking and objective scientist who can foresee that these offensive actions aim at and will create the platform for the fragmentation and bloodshed of my country, Greece, as well as of the ceding of lands and property belonging to my people, the Greeks, to the international – with no particular national allegiance - sociopolitical and economic interests, which by means of similar tactics, have achieved global control, misguiding and manipulating the people, to declare that:

1. My name is: Olga Georgiou Yeritsidou / Geritsidou
2. I was born in: The Hellenic (Greek) city of Kavala, Macedonia, on the 7th of September 1955.
3. To: George Alexiou Yeritsidis / Geritsidis and Vassiliki Sotiriou Kouirouki
4. My origins on my mother’s side are of wide Macedonian descent as:
A. My mother’s father was born Soterios Synadakis, in the Turk-occupied Hellenic city of Macedonia : Kavala towards the end of the 19th century and received the surname Kouiroukis during the Greek Balcan Wars against Turkey, belonging to a large family who repeatedly had to pay in blood, both to the Turkish as well as the Bulgarian occupiers, so as to be able today to claim the Right of their Free Proclamation of their Hellenic (Greek) identity, something that holds true for the whole city of Kavala, nonetheless.
B. My mother’s mother was born Soultana Angelou, in the Greek village of Nevrokopi Serron, Macedonia, during the Turkish occupation of Macedonia, in the early years of the 20th century, again belonging to a large family who felt and declared its Greek identity. The male members of that family were killed fighting in the War of Liberation 1912-13 and for the annexation to Greece of previously occupied lands belonging to her since ancient times.
C. My mother Vassiliki, and her older sister Evangelia were born in Thessaloniki, capital of Macedonia, while the third in line daughter of the family was born in Nigrita, Macedonia, during the 1920’s.

5. My origins on the part of my father are evidence of war-mongering which is the result of such instigated conflicts:
A. My father Georgios was born in Ekaterinenburg, Russia, grew up in Xanthi, Thrace, fleeing there to escape persecution of his family, most of whom were executed immediately after his birth.
He was raised by a Greek father and was imbued with all Greek ideals and beliefs, fought for Greece during 1946-48 (and was decorated) declaring himself as Greek with Thrace as his specific homeland. He was murdered under the pretext of 17th November 1973 because of his unsung actions in the defense of the Greek citizen.

6. It is worth mentioning that during the course of World War II, when Macedonia, a purely Hellenic land inhabited by consistently Greek population since the days of the Byzantine Empire, was under Bulgarian occupation, it was strictly forbidden to Greek children that attended Greek school to speak the Greek language, while at the same time they were viciously forced to learn and use the Bulgarian language.
This was clearly resisted to and fought for by the Greek children who refused to use the Bulgarian language outside the premises of Bulgarian controlled schools, and who stopped eventually attending school altogether during the German – Bulgarian occupation because of that reason.
After the liberation of Macedonia from these forces of occupation at the end of World War II, this temporary and forcibly enforced use of Bulgarian language not only was altogether stopped but the traumatic attempt on the part of the German – Bulgarian occupiers to rape the inhabitants’ Hellenic origin and Greek identity was permanently deleted from the collective memory of all those who had had to suffer such abuse, for ever.

As a consequence of the above, and as a representative individual of the Macedonian total who consists a subset of the general Hellenic population, I DECLARE:

1. My protest for the planned marring of my Hellenic (Greek) identity.
2. My protest for the twisting and pandering to of the identity of my specific homeland,
3. My protest for the engineering of falsification and distortion of the history of Greece,
4. My protest for the engineering of falsification and distortion of the history of Macedonia,
5. My protest for the encroachment of my human rights,
6. My protest for the abuse and maltreatment of science in this age and time of technocracy and objectivity as concerns scientific studies.
7. My protest for the aiding and abetting of the implantation and cultivation of systematic falsification by institutions which have been entrusted with the defense of the global historical heritages of the Nations of Earth and not with the allowing for or permitting of falsification of the said heritages by economic cartels of various forms.
8. My protest for the unacceptable pressure which my Nation is experiencing, aiming at a terrible self- despoiling erasing history written in its own blood and its own blood alone, by institutions and nations which pose as friendly to Greece and refer to her history as the cornerstone of culture and civilization.



Ignoring or postponing a written response on your part within the legal time-limits constitutes an automatic acceptance of the above policies of injustice towards the people of my Nation on your part. This fact, and this fact alone, holds you responsible for the future of the Balkans and whichever other consequences these facts or negligence thereof may bring in the future.

Refusal to proceed with an immediate restitution of the above injustices constitutes the beginning of an era of historical terrorism on the people of earth in your knowledge, aiding and abetting.

Restitution on your part would involve on a global scale:

A. A declaration on the part of the entity of the state having Scopje as its capital, posting their unreserved acceptance and agreement of history as is objectively true, and their official apology for the persecution which they have been waging and are still waging against Greece, as well as,
B. The official recognition of the racist persecution we have to persevere, as well as the official acceptance of their error by those countries who have been and still are applying pressure for my Nation to deny its history.


I petition and ask for the restitution of the above injustices and historical trespassing.
I petition and ask for the protection of my Nation as concerns the cultural, political and personal attacks it sustains through the various Mass Media and the representatives of the nations.

Olga George Yeritsidou / Geritsidou

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m.vassiliou said...

For starters, one should congratulate you on your bravery to publish your declaration, which I believe should not just remain yours but be adopted by and express many more Macedonian men and women, and other Greek men and women everywhere. I say this, because there are many of those, anonymous or not, who issue statements declaring on the one hand their abhorrence at the blatant disregard for historical truth on the part of the Skopjans , but on the other are quick to show their “understanding” for their behaviour, willing to offer “analyses” of their “psychological state” and offer us, the people of Greece, abundant advice (as if we are imbeciles who ignore how to defend a motherland linguistically, intellectually and corporally and wait for them to tell us how), either from the security afforded them by their journalistic post, or from the power accruing to them by the radio mike or the television camera, but comparatively very few of these “connoisseurs of the word” or the self-proclaimed “specialists” would have the guts (or balls) to put their signature on such a declaration. Precisely as is the case on each and every Remembrance Day to honor the fallen of a particular fight or war, everybody rushes in (priests, archbishops, parliamentaries, ministers and prime ministers, presidents, kings and queens) to honor, either through pre-cut speeches (which cost them nothing) or though some exhibitory fanfares - (plastic flags, plastic or real wreaths) the sacrifice and the virtue, the unsung selflessness of the unknown soldier and fighter, about whom, however they do not give, substantively and symbolically, a dime (insofar one can tell from the pensions issued in the name of all those who sowed the soil of the motherland and elsewhere with their bones). That manipulative and lewd exploitation of yet another chance for their own image marketing and strategic exposure by all the above “notables” of the political, religious and social “organized” society of ours, leaves the real fighters coldly nonchalant, either the survivors, or the dead and their families. In other words, the only ones who are really absent (in any respect) from the fanfares and the fiestas, are those, who through their death, have given those fiestas their reason for existing and the concomitant exploitation of the former by the “notables”.
With the same abstinence and distancing from the actual and the real, with the same alienation and estrangement from the real interests of Greece, move the power holders, shooting impressive but pointless demagogic soliloquies, but in fact abandoning the people (scientists and non scientists) to their fate and leaving them alone to deal with the fire, a fire that your declaration is trying to deal with.
Also, and perhaps even more so, one should congratulate you for your decision to initiate that move, which, if one judges from the indisputable logic on which it is based – despite the discernible emotional overload which is a natural consequence of such defensive stance in favour of our own Greek identity – constitutes a cool-headed decision to deal with a local and international establishment, of various interests and curious ideological scope, which harms short and long term the country, and extends an appeal not for “canned” and blind ethnocentrism but for the logic of an objective existence or absence of a real and present danger and threat, and consequently, for a cool-headed objection and reaction on the part of the non-racist people, to this threat.
I believe your move, spontaneous as well as well-thought, composed and legitimate (remaining absolutely within the confines of legitimate reaction which are defined by the supreme institution of this country – the Constitution) will succeed in a much more generalized appeal.