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Promotional Messages

When a known Roman emperor said ‘The emperor’s wife should not only be honest, but also look honest’ that which he actually meant was that the importance of the presentation of issues is just as important with the essence of these issues. That is, a big percentage of the events and reactions taking place in global current events do not stem from the essence of things but from how ‘righteous-like’ the situation is allowed to be shown.

That is to say?

That is to say, somebody has the capacity to acquire the so-called ‘window of opportunity’ to go on to take some action, regardless if later it is proven that this somebody’s allegations were unfounded and abusive and he/she destroyed fortunes, lives and esteems unfairly with his/her actions.

This window of opportunity is created by a network of promotional messages which are threadbare but flashy, broadcasted by specific sources which protect these messages from counter-argument messages that would shoot them down immediately and show them to be ridiculous. So, actions take place which afterwards, like dominoes lead to other actions until a result is achieved which otherwise would be impossible to reach.

So history is constructed and things that should never have happened, given common opinion at the time before the spreading of specific promotional messages. Later history analysts just mention in brief how the people was ‘fooled’, ‘waylaid’, ‘enraged’, ‘maddened’ etc.

That which they do not analyze is why the people fell into those mindsets all of a sudden when just before they were calm or methodically progressing towards a specific trajectory (or improvement or deterioration depending on the era) based on the facts they were dealing with on a daily basis. Historic examples include the propaganda of Hitler, of the Ku Klux Klan, or the USA constitution regarding its coloured inhabitants towards the end of the 19th and during the 20th century, as well as during the beginning of the Greek civil war in 1947.

In all these occasions, wrong messages terrorized the People regarding certain groups within it and turned one against the other or towards war with other nations. These wars were completely imposed and the only thing they achieved was to eradicate a large percentage of the human potential of the People which in reality crippled the People ideologically, socially and financially.

In the case of the Skopjan issue now, we have an identical process of twisting and intimidation which leads to the same situations we just described. This process is the result of two cooperating group of forced which have nothing to do with the objective situation of the People of either side and their wishes.

What do we mean by that?

We mean that in the propaganda taking place we have once side which is ranting and raving that it is being wronged and oppressed and the other side, which remains silent or answers in a manner which leaves room for doubt. This, in Physics, is called a ‘force system’ which means that two forces cooperate to turn a lever, or move something heavy (the muscles of the body use the rules of the force system to move the members: one muscle pulls while the other relaxes).

With this system of forces the People is moved, from their default wish for peace and calm, to be fanatized and become violent, wishing for war. This has happened historically countless times with the most obvious example being that of the Second World War, where, from the ‘never again’ motto they had said in the end of WWI they were led and in essence forced to take part in an even worse bloodshed: The German People with the promotional messages of Hitler’s staff, which were very carefully designed (starting from liberal and proper ideas and very gradually evolving into nazist ideas of totalitarianism and genocide, a process which took two decades to mature and in which high profile people from the fields of philosophy, science, the arts and not just from Hitler’s staff contributed actively), and the rest of the Peoples with an inertness and denial (due to the assuaging and other distracting events which were designed to take Peoples’ attention away from the danger which grew and lurked) to realize during these two decades that the ideology dominant in Germany of the time (with the protests, the cultural events, the declarations and the demarches) was leading with mathematical accuracy to a war eruption.

Are you saying there was a cooperation of the leaderships of the states of that time towards the instigation of WWII?

For certain there was a force system which pushed the People to it, very consciously as it can be surmised and proven scientifically, technocratically and objectively from many things, one of which is the free and fully coordinated exchange and co-production of news reports and documentaries which misinformed or fanatized both sides, as well as the financial support of Germany by countries of the Allied front, so that Germany would continue having equipment and armed forced during the preparation and conducting of the WWII at least until its first half.

All this can be proven and are documented in international bibliography (e.g. the special technology developed by IBM for the filing and processing of the data of each one individual of the countless Jews, Gypsies and ideologically opposing people so that their eradication in the gas chambers could take place in full organization and controlled knowledge of even the history of each person that was chosen by computer to be put to death, have fortune taken, etc. The same goes for other technologies that made Hitler’s purging would be much more effective than they could have been if forces from the Allies’ side did not equip him and leave the money flow free towards him.)

And how does the Skopjan issue coincide with the backstairs situation and the real face of WWII?

ideological nationalistic but unfounded and extremely belligerent and war-demanding ideas are not countered but allowed to develop and be established and relayed repeatedly and globally, while they are protected from any counters there is and brims in the thinking, scientific, objective part of the People which is gagged and censored systematically and illegally by everyone, to the level of the censorship of the Junta or McCarthyism of the USA.
The minute, almost dismissible part which promotes the ideological but unfounded, irrational and abusive ideas buys out allies who present a false majority, just like a tiny mouse standing very close to the torchlight makes it so that its shadow is the size of a dinosaur.
the countering from the official matching channels is lukewarm or presented in such a way which in the end supports the adversary.
the People who objectively and rightfully opposes this, is subjected to intimidation and terrorism that if they do not keep silent they will become ‘nationalists’, ‘extreme’, ‘totalitarian’, ‘ludicrous’ and generally culturally inferior and isolated. This fabricated silence, however, is taken as consent by any third party called to watch and draw verdicts (e.g. arbitrators of any type)

We will begin to give specific examples, beginning with the letter of the prime minister of Greece K. Karamanlis, in answer to the baseless and unhistorical demands and claims (almost to the level of an ultimatum) of his counterpart from the country of Skopje and in the next article we will continue with an analysis of the whole coverage and preparation of the events in Meliti, Florina, Greece.

We are linking to the full letter here for space economy. (it is in Greek, but upon finding a translation of it, we will change the link)

In general, the letter states the truth as well as a correct response to the demands of the Skopjan prime minister. However there are specific sentences which deduct power and status from the letter, attributing importance to other agents who have nothing to do with the objective situation and position not only of the facts but also the difference in stature and status of the two sides.


He constantly mentions that Greece is committed (‘bonded’ and therefore liable and in a position not of power but of dependence) to make concessions and back down so that states which Greece has not assumed under its guardianship, nor are they in any official condition of mutuality with Greece beyond the ones that all the countries of the world share with each other, will be able to have international privileges at the expense of Greece who, for some inexplicable and vague reason has been ‘bonded’ to fund without any remuneration beyond that of financial and ethnic impoverishment.

Also, he presented Greece as unilaterally having commited to the keeping of the peace and good neighboring in the Balkans, regardless if the other states there are aggressive and belligerent, investing in processes of embezzlement and arbitrariness in the area. In essence in this way, indirectly but surely he lets the Skopjan country off the hook regarding its obligation to respect the limits of other countries on a land, cultural, historical and anthropological level.

He refers (even with inverted commas) to the issue of ‘Macedonian’ minority saying there is none in Greece. But this implies that there may exist such elsewhere and therefore there exists a ‘Macedonian’ nation, just simply not within Greek borders, giving other leverage to the Skopjan propaganda makers and all who support them. Also, the way which he chooses to deny the existence of the particular ‘minority’ implies that there are other minorities which the Skopjan prime minister mentions in his own letter, which can open up other national matters in Greece (fact which is highly undermining for the peace he professes to be serving).

He urges Skopjan individuals to appeal to specific courts to which people who are oppressed by totalitarian/ absolutist regimes, presenting Greece as such a type of trespasser, which has given the possibility to substantiate a legal case for the taking of lands/ fortunes from the Greeks, instead of showing that such a claim could never hold before any normal court, as is the truth. In essence he gives his consent to Gruevski’s threat to urge the Skopjans to appeal to international courts, actually attempting to equate themselves with real victims of state barbarism such as the Armenians and the Kurds in the Turkish state as well as the Greeks in Northern Epirus (Albania) and in Asia Minor and Constantinople (Instabul) of Turkey, i.e. the victims which have been globally silenced and are not being vindicated ‘for the maintenance of peace and good neighboring’.

Unfortunately the letter of the Greek prime minister ends with the disastrous statement that the prime minister (i.e. the first defender of the Greek Nation according to his rank and title) personally has decided not to serve to the fullest the National rights and interests but instead of that, temporary and international financial/commercial agreements and coalitions/ institutions, characterizing the defending of the Nation and the People as ‘obsolete’ and passed. That is to say, whatever these coalitions/institutions order, he will follow since he is ‘devoted’ to them.

And how should this letter have been so as not to do these things?

Here is the letter as it should have been:

“The Prime Minister of FYROM,


As you know, in order for a country to acquire presence, force and status among an international community which commits to the defense of peace and good neighboring as is underlined by the Security Countil in decision 817, this country is obliged to display respect of the boundaries prescribed not only by common logic and the historic, anthropologic and scientific community but also of the historicity of the existence of the claims of either side.

Your investment in arbitrary and misleading ideas, encouragement and claims to all those who do not have experience of the History of the Balkan peninsula and of its Nations render you in a highly negative light which harms your credibility, since you are trying to embezzle names, history and human potential belonging and having belonged to other Nations, one of which is Greece, in your effort to afford historic background and antiquity to a newly founded small state consisting of a panspermia of Nations and languages.

I am taking advantage of this opportunity to stress to you that Macedonian is a subgroup of the National group of the Hellenes, descending from ancient times with the Hellenic language. The Slavic alphabet is called Cyrillic exactly because its existence is owed to Cyril, a Greek far after Alexander the Great. Cyril, in his effort to acculturate and enlighten more effectively the Slavic raced beyond the limits of Greece, created this script from which benefited several states of the Byzantine era.

Therefore there is no such thing as a Macedonian Language except the Macedonian dialect which is part of the Hellenic one. The individuals to whom you are alluding to correctly as Macedonian are correctly categorized as children of Greece not only from Macedonia, since they are refugees or abducted people from the era of the Greek Civil War and therefore are Hellenes of the Diaspora who, having been persecuted during the totalitarian regime of Tito and were forced to accept a forced and false propaganda. Their children were turned against Mother Greece as they became indoctrinated with propaganda and hate instead of education and peace. This phenomenon had resurfaced in the cases of the Franc and Turkish occupations in Greece, fact, however, which did not characterize its instigators at all positively.


I invite you to honor the support and protection which Greece has afforded you from the resources of her children as well as rise up to the obligations stemming from your ambition to be treated internationally as a modern European state, i.e. have the respect of the pre-existing states and of peace, recanting the unfounded and libelous claims you have made and which are punishable by the authorized International courts and commit yourself from now on to properly educate your People.

History judges the leaders from how they rise to the level of the challenges and assume their responsibilities. Much will depend from your own positive attitude and constructive spirit.”

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