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The Use of the Macedonian Matter as a Trojan Horse

In all the mass communication, from the mass media to the internet, the following diplomatic communication trajectories are visible:

1. that there is some basis ( of positive prescription, historical, oppressed, historic-political-social) in the entirety of the general mythology and propaganda around the state of FYROM

2. that anything the representative of this state says or does with regards to his ‘steadfasteness’, whether it is logical or not, holds far more eight than anything the Greek side says or does.

3. that the Greek People and their culture will be proven ‘nationalistic’ which apparently means by default that they are totalitarian, fascist, backward and against humanitarianism if they do not in essence satisfy what they are being bullied into satisfying.

4. that no consequence at all nor danger is linked to the satisfaction of the claims which at this time have the state of FYROM as frontispiece.

We have many times demonstrated in this blog the falsehood of all four of the above propaganda trajectories, and we have additionally shown what this satisfaction of claims will mean not only for the Greeks but also for the entire Balkan peninsula and later, with escalation, for the rest of the world. At this time Greece is the stalling factor to a series of actions primarily in the Balkan area but later world-wide for the following reasons:

At this time:

1. Greece is a symbol of the schema of ‘Nation’ as a group that is entitled to a historically justified land area, uniform population, uniform language, specific and archaeologically and anthropologically substantiated history, specific culture and a full right to defend these properties.

2. Greece is a symbol of the historicity and the civilization that throughout the ages not only has remained living but also is the base of several later cultural miracles such as the Enlightenment, the Renaissance in Europe, the foundation of Scientific Thought which will be undermined to the fullest if Greece, which gave rise to their roots is discredited as a totalitarian or fascist schema, exactly as the power of the explosion of German Philosophy and Culture development was lost with the advent and imposition on this Nation of Nazism which in reality does not represent any Nation at all.

3. Greece is a symbol of the standing up and victory of the few, but purely and straightforwardly acting on the base of reason, truth and justice against the many outnumbering opponents/ enemies, throughout history. From the opposition of the Greeks against the Persian Empire from 492 to 479 BC up to the 20th century AD the Greeks behaved in the same manner, as it has also officially been globally recognized, not only in the Second World War (“heroes fight like Greeks’ as Winston Churchill said) but in their resistance to the truly totalitarian and fascist regimes such as the Junta of 1967 and the peaceful purists of the students which also marked the beginning of its end with the Polytechnic and the Law School in 1973. The false and seeming existence of the state of FYROM as small, hunted and wronged by Greece undermines unfairly and deceptively a symbol and a Nation which never hunted the underdog or the oppressed.

As this symbol we just described, Greece is incompatible as a concept but also as a schema with the general pressure of Globalization in the Balkans which requires the following political situation: It is necessary to abolish the concept of the Nation and State and the resulting obligation of the Citizen to protect his Nation and State. This right/ obligation in its own turn constitutes guarantee of the National and State protection of the Citizen, not only from other threatening States, but mainly it guarantees National and State protection from anti-humanitarian economic policies, from corporate imperialism/ colonization, from economic and cultural depression and oppression of the uniqueness of the People (to the point of abject racism) and finally from the serf-making of the Citizens/ Humans and their being forced to belong to the few holders of international corporations, banking institutions and capital. This therefore constitutes protection exactly from the social situation as it was during the middle ages (with the holders being the land owning aristocrats), before the enforcement of the schema of the modern State of Welfare by the People.

And how is the Skopjan matter the frontispiece of Globalization and a Trojan Horse against (but not limited to) the People of the Balkans?

This is the case because the whole matter has been designed not by the representatives of FYROM but by those protecting and promoting them, that is the diachronic USA administration (and not of the People of the USA) which is directed, funded, controlled and serving the stateless capital owners/ holders, creators and upholders of the new economic aristocracy. This new aristocracy comes from the old class of the large landowning aristocrats who were ousted in the post 1900 era where the concept of the master land owner was not yet tolerable, and who are now founding the dominance of their imperium (regarding their land limits which were rightfully taken away from them by the People) anew through the international / multinational corporate companies which obscured the names of their owners because these names were and are symbols of all those who were ousted and rejected by People everywhere.

Globalization sets these international corporate companies above Constitutions and the People’s laws and in essence above the Human Rights and every other Humanistic Declaration which had forbidden these individuals, who have the genealogy we just mentioned, allowing them to exploit Humanity with conditions either medieval or of the first stage of the Industrial Revolution, when people worked 18 hours per day, seven days a week until they died (often on the workplace) with literally meager daily wages, since it was impossible to sustain oneself and one’s family, the members of which worked under the same conditions.

Globalization, therefore, abolishes the concept of the state as an organization which protects the People and the Citizen, forbidding entrepreneurs of all kinds to use human potential under these conditions, offering health care, life with pension, property and financial independence and security (i.e. the ensuring of necessary according to Human Rights means for acceptable living and the non-need of loans and other financial dependencies from banking ‘institutions’ of this new aristocracy and thus being owned by it), the capacity to have pride in and develop the National and cultural identity, which is also a necessary element not only for the evolution of every People but also the whole of Humanity through pluralism, which disappears with the fusing of a vague uniform mixed culture with which no People or Nation can identify and therefore develop.

Globalization also promotes one and only value and aim for Humans, abolishing all the rest: materialism and the serving of money/ capital which belongs ‘by right’ to the few all-holding corporate businessmen who are presented as qualitatively (genetically/ mentally/ by birthright) superior to the rest of the Humans upon the earth, who work for the promotion and development of ‘the company’ of which they are part and product/ resource (Human Resources) and therefore are objectified (i.e. humans are reduced to the role of a product/ commodity), thus leaving as sole representatives of Humanity (and therefore beneficiaries of the vested rights of People and their Declarations) only the masters of these corporations/ companies. In order for that to happen it is necessary to a vital level to erase the history of the last 200 years globally. Some Nations, such as Greece, with its millenia-deep history, no matter how summarily it is presented, offers ideas and symbols of the Equality of Humans, Freedom and Prosperity- ideas which cannot allow the application of globalization and the ‘widening of the social class gap’ which we just described.

No matter how much people are not aware of history around the earth, they do know from the field of history particular historical symbols which represent liberal concepts from which States of Welfare and Constitutions/ Declarations arose. Even in their worn out application of the past decades, these Constitutions and Declarations teach the People that they are born Human with inalienable rights and not born animals in a livestock pen. It is therefore necessary for the installation of globalization to erode and take down these symbols of History, to twist them and mix them with other elements so that, just like the cultures disappear under one imposed multi-mixed unified hybrid culture to which nobody belongs, so will the histories of all the nations with all their wondrous achievements against this little numbered class disappear under the stories of kings, conquerors and tycoons of capital wealth where the People shall be a non-existent, dispensable, amorphous mass without importance or value.

Why is the Skopjan matter serving the above design?

Because it attacks a People-symbol which existed and exists throughout the ages from the beginning of Human History and which ever since was and is a source of inspiration and power and faith in Human Greatness not of the few but of everyone with the Individual uniqueness as the epitome regarding the potential to affect prosperity and evolution of whole groups.

Always, Greece and Hellenism symbolized the progress of Civilization either in its entirety as a People or in the face of representatives when enemy forces attempted to oppress/ conquer/ gag it. That is exactly what was the case in the periods of occupation of Greece and Hellenism by Romans, Byzantines (i.e. Romans of the eastern part of the Roman empire), Ottomans, Francs, Bulgarians, Nazis as well as various forms of unofficial/ covert colonization by the administrations of England and the USA, where the Greek element remained intact linguistically and anthropologically and was only embellished by the different additions which were absorbed into the Greek element and not vice versa.

Also Greece and Hellenism are the symbol of Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, Justice, Cultivation, Open Mind and Free Spirit and great protection and promotion of Truth and Righteousness.

The Skopjan propaganda aims to sully and tear down this symbol we just described with the scientific-like presentation of its claims which portray Greece as completely opposite of what Greece symbolizes, namely as embezzling, suppressor, racist, unfair and lying. That is to say the Skopjan propaganda tries to prove with a forging of the elements and with some references from reports from writings, quoting them out of context as well as with claims that are not supported by hard evidence or correct analysis and the only status of which is that someone has published them.

They claim the existence of a Slavic language since the ancient times, concealing the fact that Slavs appeared as various races around 6th century AD and it is therefore historically impossible for their language to exist before them. They also claim that because ancient historians mention that the Macedonian dialect was not comprehensible in other Greek areas, it is proof that Macedonia and its People are not part of the Hellenic whole. This can be disproven by the study of all the ancient Greek dialects linguistically: They have the same exact roots and phonemes as the Macedonian dialect, and there is also the recording of the fact that the users of one Greek dialects (e.g. the Attic) could not comprehend easily or at all the users of another Greek dialect (e.g. the Dorian).

Another claim of their propaganda is that the kingdom of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip were not Greek since the Athenians of the era were resisting his advance. This can be disproven with a simple study of the sociopolitical situation of the City-State which justifies the assorted ancient wars between the Greeks of different areas without this meaning that they weren’t parts of the Hellenic whole (e.g. the wars between Athens and Sparta before and during that era, as well as occasional analogous strife with other Greece city-states such as Thebes, Corinth, etc). The process to which the Skopjans refer to and which Phillip began and Alexander continued before his campaign to Asia is a process of uniting all the Greek City-states into one Greek State and it is analogous to the much-acclaimed processes of unification of a Nation into a State that Charlemagne achieved for France/Gaul and that other monarchs did for England, Russia and other States. Phillip and his son simply managed to be among the first to successfully apply this tactic. Therefore using their activities to prove their non-Greek status is unfounded, deceptive and non-historical, exactly as the applying of globalization demands.

They also mention the use of the term Macedonia by Greeks as proof that the identity of these Humans is not Greek. This is a twisting of reality as they neglect to mention that the use of area names as a characteristic of descent by Greeks instead of the general term ‘Greek’ was not just an element of the ancient times but was their usual name of use up until during the 19th century to which the Skopjan propaganda makers refer to continually: In particular, during all of the Turkish occupation in Greece and during the War of Independence of 1821 the Greeks used area names and rarely the characterization ‘Greek’, primarily because there was terrorism by the Turks not to use the latter (the Turks enforced the name Romios on the Greeks for psychological violence and undermining since the appellation comes from the Turkish root ‘rom’ which means ‘scoundrel’) and later because it was a way to recognize instantly the basic skills of the rebelling fighters as soldiers (Souliotes (from Souli)= toughened land fighter, Hydraeans (from Hydra) = navy, Psarianoi (from Psara)= fire raft/ ship fighters, and others). Even today area names of descent are used to attribute basic population characteristics of Greek groups (Maniatis (from Mani)= does not forgive an insult, Macedonian (from Macedonia)= giving and gourmand, Peloponnesian (from the Peloponnesus) = makes a lot of savings, etc).

This type of twisting of reality by the Skopjan propaganda has a basis and is fully instigated by the Bulgarian interests in the area which they historically covet since the Byzantine times and have been seeking to conquer Northern Greece which at the time was part of the Byzantine empire against which the Bulgarian races invaded with this aim alone. Against them, the Greek Basil the Second the Macedonian fought their tsar Samuel and beat him so drastically that Samuel died of a heart attack upon looking on the evidence of his shambles and Basil the Second the Macedonian was called Bulgar-slayer.

The Bulgarians are lending themselves to serving the interests of globalization because in their modern history they have repeatedly tried to change history and the properties of the Greek People they want to conquer, projecting their own messages, cruel violence/ genocide to the Greek people when historically it can be proven that it is they who have tried to enforced their own Slavic language on the Macedonians who by nature are of a Hellenic dialect since antiquity.

During the Second World War (which with A. Hitler as a forefront was the first overt effort to enforce globalization, a 19th century idea, via military violence and race superiority) in cooperation with the Nazi Axis the Bulgarians tried during their occupation of Macedonia to bulgarize and enforce their Slavic language and Cyrillic script through raw violence and under pain of death, especially to young children/ adolescents, attempting a new form of janizary creation. It is also historically recorded that while withdrawing with their Nazi partners they took with them many Greek minors whom they raised to hate Greece, twisting history to serve their aims.

After the Second World War, when the military enforcement of globalization failed and Liberalism flourished in Europe once more despite the mass murder of Liberal Citizens everywhere, there was created around a decade later a more studied second attempt of economic enforcement of globalization which is now at its pinnacle and which began with the so-called Marshall Plan (ERP) by the USA which ever since are the basic vehicle of the new aristocracy we have already described for the establishment of Globalization (the New Order). When we refer to the USA we do not of course refer to the American People who were the first to be beaten to the ground by the principles of Globalization and who is suffering right now under its effect, but to the diachronic administration which enforced it and is defending it, embezzling the ideas of Freedom and Bravery (the land of the Free, the home of the Brave) so that the administration will cheat the People it is oppressing.

The USA administration (which serves the new aristocracy) supports everyone it can use so that it will blow out of the water all the symbols that have ever been used by the People and/or the People are inspired by while in the same time tear to pieces these countries which have them so that there will not even be physical evidence of the historical truth they are trying to conceal.

That is why, therefore, whatever the administration of Skopje reiterates is considered written in stone, that is why the Greek governments are permissive and treacherous and that is why the USA declare they will support the side that is lying (as, in any case, they have done in all the cases where with the help of traitorous governments they have smashed countries to fragments).
The Skopjan matter is a Trojan Horse for all the countries which have a history and/ or a history of political interest in the modern era, because with the arrival of the enforced migration and the refugees (again within the trajectories of Globalization) and the twisting of history which is broadcasted and cultivated by the mass media and in television series and movies, they will suffer the same tearing down and blatant distortion of their identity on the basis of the precedent which will have been created with the satisfaction of the state of FYROM and the new aristocracy which is using it through the new aristocracy’s representation by the USA administration.

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