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Humanitarian and Political Manifesto to the Hellenic People and the Nations

Within the frame of the stipulation by the Constitution of Greece in its current form, and in particular the stipulation that every Hellenic Citizen serve the Human Rights, the principles of Democracy and the Constitution itself, we hereby present the following political and Humanitarian Declaration-Deposition, being of sound mind and having according written proof for everything stated below, including all of the indications and statements of intent.


Since my beginnings as active Citizen of Greece in 1973, after the assassination of my father Georgios A. Geritsidis, my goal has been the defense of the State and our Nation within the guidelines and limits set by the Human Rights globally alone, as well as the upholding of Truth and Justice as pillars of any Democratic society.

My studies in the field of psychology and scientific research were chosen for this specific purpose, which I have been pursuing and will continue to pursue for ever, primarily to keep alive the mission and motive inspired in my by my father for the defense of all Humans at all costs and always with Truth, Peace and Objectivity as my weapons, and secondarily because I cannot imagine life and Human evolution in an environment where these values do not reign in daily living. I refuse to tolerate and become an accomplice through my silence and inactivity to the crimes against Humanity and the cultivation of misery and despair everywhere, on all levels so that Humans are pushed to subhuman, unnatural, wild behavior.

I began my cause to fight all these social conditions plaguing Humanity starting from Greece, that I consider home and therefore a valid starting point of any effort to cleanse and improve the setting. Always, I had and have faith in the good nature of Humans when Humans are allowed to act as units, independent of obligation to belong to a social group. But what I ascertained was that the need to belong to established social groups being exploited by specific agents of oppression and mutilation of personality as well as Human daily life, has sown the highest terror in society and has twisted fully the correct and benevolent nature of Humans.

History worldwide has many times shown that the process of oppression and rape of the benevolent nature, intelligence and personality of Humans on a mass level (i.e., on entire social units such as social classes, social groups across classes, age cohorts or states and nations) has always led to an explosion of throwing off of the diseased and enforced violation of nature and normal evolution of Humans individually and socially, with huge loss of human potential, horrible violence and callus, cruel eradication of entire masses, to reinstate a superficial sensation of re-institution of Justice and Freedom and restart the same vicious circle, until the next, bloodier, crueler and more callus, horrible explosion.

As a social scientist, in my studies I saw this tactic refresh itself with mathematical accuracy and the losses to increase with mathematical accuracy as well throughout the span of the so called ‘modernity’, with the pinnacle being the last few centuries and on the twentieth having the biggest and most massive movements followed by terribly large-scale in numbers losses for the again terribly short lived sensation of the reinstatement of Justice over injustice of society. The word is of the groundbreaking philosophical movements which after the fall/ corruption of the Church (regardless of denomination but mainly of the monotheistic Churches) were able to be expressed anew (since the religious expression was ridiculed or corrupted or twisted into the exact opposite from the main, positive positions) through science and ethics: the blooming of those, that is the essential effort to throw off the diseased and corrupting oppression was immediately eroded and stifled with the outbreak of violence and unfettered expression of every negative element, fact which led to the first great documented mass war surge (World War I), followed by the first great documented mass economic disaster (the Great Depression) and with a global climax in World War II, which, as was expected according to the historical data, by far surpassed the losses and blood-shedding of the first.

Afterwards there came the expected superficial reigning of Justice, more and more superficial since, after this immense butchering, the bloodshed continued unofficially and in fragmented assorted manners (the Allies’ going ahead with all the programmed executions and incarcerations the Nazis had scheduled, evacuation of the Nazi scientists and continuation of all their experiments, undermining of societies economically with several additional bloodsheds especially in countries by nature Democratic, allowing the defeated states of the Axis not pay war reparations in full or at all, or reparations for the extensive crimes of war, enforcement of silent dictatorships with mass persecution of the opposing people and, in our days, enforcement of silent dictatorships in the name of security or even Justice with the officially stated breaching of Human Rights, for which so much blood has been and is being shed).

Studying, then, and seeing all this blood which has been and is being shed, and all this potential which has been squandered and is being squandered, I felt from that very young age that the tree of Democracy and Justice and Human Rights has been watered with enough blood of the righteous and not. It is the time now to cultivate it with the symbols of Peace so that we will manage, finally, as Humanity to taste the fruit it can bear, or else more blood, more pain and more sacrifice will turn it into the altar of Injustice and Oligarchy, where everyone will be forced to throw their children and themselves.

It took all this time and all this fighting I have up to now done on several levels to realize how we can practically translate the above so that in the from of a formula we can apply it and not have the excuse that theory has no practical application.

As any true and responsible scientist, I shall not present neither theory nor practice without proof of its reality in the existing situation as well as the potential/ prognosis of the suggested treatment.

Proof of existing situation


In the presentation of the theory I will see to it to be concise and include the Greek as well as Global reality at least for the Western type/ social system societies.

Every country bases peace and harmony of daily living on a system of values on the basis on which the administrative and legal framework is created. In almost all the countries, officially this value system is the Human Rights. Even in the countries where they have not been signed, the value system remains human-centered, claiming the precedence of Humans at least regarding their safety.

Human Rights, since 1948 have been embellished and expanded (not always with the goal of improvement of protection) but we can safely say that all their expressions are based of the following vital and basic Rights:

Right to Life
Right to Freedom
Right to economic and social Dignity
All Humans enjoy Equal Rights and Obligations.

An easy and quick overview of the constitutions or other matching documents of the countries which haven’t signed the Bill, we will see that these four principles are mentioned clearly, except perhaps to a point in the countries accepting kingdom and titling (e.g. the Declaration of Independence of the USA contains these principles even though this state has not signed the Bill of Human Rights).

Consequently, so has the Hellenic Constitution been based fully on these principles if we exclude amendments of questionable legality that took place with arbitrary procedure and obvious malignant motives (see the Constitution amendments voted during the assorted Juntas and/ or without a Referendum or other insurance of People’s Will), in general the Constitution seeks to ensure that the basic power lies at the hands of the People and their capacity to overthrow anti-People laws, governments and other expressions of oppression.

Therefore, in brief:

Theory tells us that

The People have the Right in essence of above-law will and obligation to protect/ defend this Right.
Human Rights are world recognized and the official statement of motivation to protect them assigns status and potential of founding an entire state mechanism/ international organizations/ international coalitions.
Nobody acts without in some way projecting an intent to protect one or more of these Rights.

Historic examples (such as Nazi propaganda or the propaganda of any experimental activity on large scale populations) exist abundantly and all show that REGARDLESS OF MOTIVATION, ALWAYS EVERY ACTION/ APPLICATION OF MEASURES IS GIVEN JUSTIFICATION BY THOSE ENFORCING IT AS AN ATTEMPT TO DEFEND ONE OR MORE HUMAN RIGHTS.


Beyond any historical analysis we could present here, we will mention part of my research and activity as well.

Human Rights paint a very positive and very constructive image which, however, is by far different from the image society has to show (in Greece as well as globally) in reality.

Proof of that is very easy to present primarily with the listing of the innumerable people living below poverty level, the listing of the innumerable cases where the law was not applied Equally, or the cases where legislation enforces a state of inequality, enforced poverty to serve the over-profiting of the few or the cases where human dignity is consumed and violated for the profit of the few without application of the Law regarding prostitution/ pornography/ exploitation of minors/ slave work/ drudgery / usury/ etc. Also, when such laws are applied, they are applied unequally, unfairly or abusively, breaching on Human Rights in the name of Human Rights.

Also, on the individual basis (i.e., in the case of the law being applied singularly to every Citizen) we have complete inequality, lawlessness and breaking of basic Rights or Obligations to support third parties at the expense of the one concerned. The State is hostile and abuses the power given it to apply the laws, in disdain and dismissal of the People’s Will, be it expressed through demonstrations or through non-objective election legislation which in itself undermines the basic principle of Democracy (that is, the power of the majority and not the power of the majority of the minority).

Proof of this is easy to acquire from analyses of elections/ electorates, etc, from the state of the Citizens if we survey their financial situation in relation to their ‘networking’ with people who are holding down state official positions (that is, to have some be preferred not meritocratically but unequally and in a totalitarian way, which is a breach of Human Rights).

Also, proof is the legislative decisions of the judiciary officers who obviously break the law they are supposed to apply on the level of defending National property (giving away of massive national ground based on or respecting documentation by regimes that have been toppled or by occupiers or empires that have been dismantled, such as the case of relinquishing the forests of Attica to dynasty-clans of private owners such as the Iliopoulos family based on non-existent decrees by the Turks: the very same Turks the Greeks fought to oust and throw off, that is, in order to not have to take under consideration Turkish titles and rights of possession on Greek soil).

Another piece of proof from the innumerable ones existing out there is the capacity of some people’s existing within vital positions in society and especially state-public mechanisms while being convicted to incarceration they never serve nor buy out, and which incarceration sentence normally forbids them access to specific positions in the state mechanism, as the law stipulates.

The biggest proof of the fall-out of society and the official breaching of the Human Rights exists within the Constitution itself after its being altered during the junta, and the maintenance of these alterations afterwards in the period of ‘reinstatement’ of Democracy (metapolitefsi), exactly like the persecutions done by the Nazis were further executed by the ‘liberator’ leaders of the allies: I am alluding to the Greek law on ‘parliament/ minister member responsibilities’ which is essence is an official admission that the government sector is being overrun by thieves, conspirators and murderers who consciously ar such and therefore have seen to it that they place themselves abovethe law, i.e. that they breach the Right not only of the access to security of all Humans/Citizens- since they are rampant in plaguing Humans/ Citizens with impunity, but also that of Equality before the law.

A simple overview even of current events (despite the lack of objectivity and inclusion of everything taking place) will enrich frightfully the list of examples.

However, to counter arguments of the type that ‘basically the Citizen is protected in his/her personal affairs’ or ‘there is a way for a Citizen to be represented and find Justice/ protect his/her Rights, I personally have gathered an overabundance of proof to the contrary. This proof is official (i.e. official documents by the State, legal case files, depositions, claims by state agents / officials, statements/ actions of politicians up to live recordings) and made known to the individuals the names of whom exist in it.

In particular, I have proof that lawyers in their sum are not taught to apply the Law but to terrorize the Citizens that the Law is powerless to protect them before the omnipotence of a judge of questionable integrity and level of corruption presiding over a trial or giving a decree on an issue. I have proof of the against-the-law rallying of the judiciary officials, police officers and public sector employees inillegal activity, up to testimonials of the indoctrination of such public sector employees under training: they are being trained in not knowing the laws of their country on the one hand, and not hesitating to break any law to cover the illegality- crime of a colleague or superior on the other hand.

I also have proof of overt disdain to/ breaching of the Constitution including intent to act as such by all without exception the ministers regardless of which administration/ government we talk about, but especially the latest ones in office.

Everything can be procured immediately with filing numbers, serving numbers and other documentation to whoever is interested or does not also possess similar proof from his/her daily life within our State or within any other (which is impossible if the person seeks to not be a part of the aforementioned groups-gangs even at a little level, and is above 15 years of age).

We therefore conclude, comparing the theory of existing/ founding and projected respect for Human Rights with the application/ action of these values globally, that in essence these values were never applied, not because something like that is impossible or utopian but simply because the People who shed their blood for them were to a great extent eradicated and the rest cheated by this global-level gang of infringers.

Clearly and scientifically we can successfully support with the above proof that


Anyone truly seeking the application of Human Rights for his/her own self primarily but also the others, is obligated to distance him/herself from the above practices and independently and singularly act to defend them.

Suggested treatment (i.e. the manner to deal with and abolish the diseased condition)


History has proven that the typical reaction (i.e., the violent attack against the individuals governing, with various resolutions from killing to exile) does not yield results and to a very big extent trivializes or corrodes the effect of the People’s Will, via the replacement of the former criminals with new ones or, in cases of superficial peace like the one we are experiencing now, the succession of specific groups in the positions of power without any real change to the better and over many changes for the worst for the People and the individual.

The process of elections and being elected is now fully corroded and burdened with several safety valves in place so that no person unwilling to cultivate and protect the silent dictatorship I described can enter. Therefore, neither that can safely be used since with proven mechanisms (a simple overview of the election laws as well as the requirements for candidates-parties will prove it) it is impossible to ensure a real representation of the People’s Will. In any case that is obvious when conducting referendums is severely avoided, even within these regimes of rigging we are having now, at least within the Hellenic People.

If, therefore, neither guns nor the vote is a decisive control point anymore, the only thing left which has not been corroded is the set of laws and the Constitution:

the Constitution, even in the adulterated form it now has, legalizes each Citizen to ignore and react, handling anyone as enemies of the People and the Regime who dares breach it or the Human Rights.
the Constitution does not require interpretation of the basic amendments since it relies upon every Citizen to protect it incase it is being compromised by outward as well as inward threats.
the Constitution in essence contains the Human Rights but beyond that, for all the countries that have signed the bill they have above-law and above-constitution validity/ power. Therefore, HUMAN RIGHTS ARE THE HIGHEST AND MOST SACRED LAW, THE ONLY ONE ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION.


Application – Procedure

The above has been applied by me and I am applying it to prove the force existing in the application of the above theory which aims at reinstating the Democracy without it being superficially applied and without, if possible, bloodshed. In essence it is the only way to break the vicious circle maintaining these dynasties that globally have been living parasitically and have been twisting-oppressing-committing crimes to keep the positions that truly belong to Democratic, Human-centered and Positive individuals.

With the completion of my research through the judiciary corps, I followed the above theory through the following steps:

Good knowledge of the Constitution
Good knowledge of basic criminal and civil law codes (not by heart)
systematic documentation of my course to defend my interests/ Rights with continuous filing of letters or reports, so that each attempt to break the law in my expense is officially documented.
determination and tenacity and persistence.

That which I ascertained as a single Citizen, without the accompaniment of a supporting mob, without the title of an official/ politician but just with the title of Citizen is the following:

no public servant, judiciary official/officer, politician or official dares write down that they are breaching the Constitution or Human Rights WHILE THEY WILL ATTEST TO THAT ORALLY/ VERBALLY.
all the above mentioned in 1 will misinterpret or simply erroneously/ in fragments mention laws, regulations, decrees, legislation or the Constitution itself to refuse to do that which their position demands of them, and for which they are being overabundantly paid.
all those mentioned in 1 will cling with the broken record tactic to already shot-down arguments hoping the Citizen will lose heart or be scared or have no more time to give to the issue or will not exist any longer for any reason. BUT IF THE CITIZEN PERSISTS REGARDLESS THEY WILL SUBSIDE AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, MAINLY BY FREEZING THE CASE OR SATISFYING IT ONLY PARTIALLY.
all the above mentioned act exactly like gangs, in coordination and in accordance. Only when there is no further margin of supporting each other does this camaraderie break.
all the above mentioned disappear or are assigned another post when this camaraderie is about to break.
all are based on gaining time as the only actual weapon of defense they have against the Citizen who is rightfully seeking vindication.

Following the procedure with as persistence and patience it took in each case my Rights were breached (to the point I can record and prove it with evidence and testimonies) I managed to stave off personal disasters on the financial level (by the IRS and other agencies) as well as more generalized disasters on the professional and social level when due to my activity as a scientist-educator I was systematically undermined with the complicity of other citizens, public services and judiciary corps.

At this moment, without fear and with the interests of Greece in mind (that is, the interest of every Hellenic Citizen as myself, individually and in group) I take a series of steps aimed at the reinstatement of true Democracy at least as it is described in the Constitution, in its basic Amendments regarding the Human Rights and its final concluding amendments (NOT in the amendments incorporated by governments either completely anti-People or obviously non Democratic-treacherous).

In particular, to each ministry there has been sent via the President of the Parliament a specific declaration pointing out in the form of general patterned behaviour the way the Constitution and the Human Rights are being breached per jurisdiction, with the demand for a meaningful response and positioning as the Law demands.

In the second phase, each ministry is sent an official inquiry/ complaint/ report (depending on what the Law allows me to do under my function as Citizen, and it is a lot) containing specific law-breachings and infringements of the Constitution/ Human Rights, again with specific demands.

The third phase that is going to be pursued is persecution by me against anyone who, via their reaction/response to these letters, officially display their illegality.

The fourth phase after the blatant fall-out of Justice which I am expecting is going to happen, at least in some if not all sectors, is the denouncements of these peoples as dictators/ overthrowers of the Democratic Regime, making it totalitarian, worldwide (Greece has committed to not having an official totalitarian regime).

The fifth phase is about having the people take a stance en masse, since as a truly liberal and democratic person, what I am interested in is that the People and any People live what they truly want, even if that is to be a servant to anyone deciding to oppress them, BUT WHEN THEY HAVE TRULY UNDERSTOOD AND EXPERIENCED WHAT IT MEANS TO TRULY BE THE POWERFUL PEOPLE IN THEIR NATIONAL GROUND ALONE, FREE OF DEMAGOGUES AND MANIPULATION TACTICS FOR THE MASSES.


At this time I am at the second and third phases, and I have already survived attacks by the State in the professional, financial and social areas, with continuous and definitely brazen, blatant attempts to violently take me away from public life, indirectly through illegal financial charges, exhausting taxation, professional illegal undermining and false accusations which illegally are not dropped based on the overabundance of hard evidence (the trials never take place, or are delayed or are issued incomplete trial transcripts, the ministers change, district attorneys break the law and try to cover for each other when I accuse them, etc).

The reason I am now publicizing my action and my intentions is because I don’t want to have the same end as my murdered by the exact same state/regime father, whose true cause of death was hidden by state reports until today and was presented as collateral damage instead of an intended victim killed willfully and maliciously.

I wish to make it known, in case my name or that of my daughter’s and co-fighting Citizen Tanya Maria Geritsidou, is ever found in a list of collateral damage, accidents, ‘random’ violence/ crimes of the simple criminal code, illness (we are fully healthy), that our action is impossible to fail, at least in offering to those who want it, the free will to choose what life they want to lead, without having to shed their blood for it.

If something like that happens, it will simply denote the scope of despair of those exploiting Humanity and Greece in particular, and the scope of the success of two individual Citizens without any other support nor seeking of such support, against all those summoning armies and mobs to sow terror.

Our Cause is especially designed not to have followers nor leader, but to stem from truly Free Individuals, as is the quality of the real Hellenic and any other Free Nation.

Our Cause does not need a leader nor a specific group/ rallying or organization. It only needs Free, Adult Individuals not seeking leaders but leading their own lives, able to evaluate and make choices without following, but instead with walking alongside. Each fight by the Greeks fought that way was successful, and only failed when it was saddled with just one leader instead of having every Greek be one.

Anyone who attempts to use any part of this ideology of ours, of our work and our fight to become a leader for anyone else, will be a usurper like Napoleon was of the French Revolution and the Papandreou family of the life and murder of Gregory Lambrakis.

In full knowledge and conscience of the above, in Athens, August 6 2009

Olga Georgiou Yeritsidou

Tanya Maria Geritsidou

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