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The Preannouncement of the True Developments in the Basic Issues of Greece with Turkey and Skopje

By now, for every thinking person, all the plan of the foreign policy that is going to be imposed on the Hellenic Nation and State by George Papandreou, if of course he is allowed to remain in the PM seat, has been rendered clear. His signs of action have been given anew, repeatedly and clearly based his positioning on issues and subjects that share common ground or points with the ones we are dealing with as well as with those that are very likely going to occur, out of the blue for the Citizens who naively and in trust no foreign affairs minister or after-junta PM has earned, do not watch out for the hints G. Papandreou is giving and the principles he says he is following. It is however, not going to be out of the blue, but expected for the Citizens with an analytic mind and critical thought.

We call a sign of future action positioning and acts which are basic enough and generalizable enough (that is, we can draw a rule of behavior a person will follow for all occasions sharing the same parameters) and for which acts no differentiating factor or uniqueness has been made. They are, therefore, the behavioral motifs that are continually repeated no matter what the person engaging in them claims in word.

Especially in the frame of entire states, a sign of future action is that which everyone looks out for to arrange their own course and the dealings they will have towards the state or the leader displaying it.

In the particular case of G. Papandreou, several signs of future action were given in his previous runs in basic administrative positions (as vital as the ministry of foreign affairs which he holds now, too) but we don’t even need those todemonstrate that the behavior and direction for which he had been voted down back then is the same he is swiftly following now, while he can and while communicationally (not actually) he falsely claims his government is Popular and is representing the Hellenic People (see the qualitative analysis and true interpretation of the election results).

In the current analysis we will demonstrate how in two speeches and one comment as well as with his presence and approval he indirectly but definitely announced to us what he is going to do not only in the issue of the Skopjan claim (the name as well as the lands and possession and historicity of Macedonia being Greek) but also in the Greek-Turkish issues, and not only the Cyprian aspect of them.

Before we mention how and where each step and each indirect announcement lies, we will show the common denominators with which one can locate such indirect announcements, not only in his speech in the inter-Balkan meeting but also in his statements regarding the signing of the agreement between Turkey and Armenia.


1. the case of Skopje is full of claims historicity and demand to rewrite History so that a usurping of the Hellenic character of Macedonia and a deletion of all the historic events mentioning heroic actions but also huge crimes of war against Humans at the expense of the Greeks living/staying/ coming from Macedonia, the Macedonians, will occur.

2. the case of Skopje also tries to substantiate a false and twisted legal ground using Human Rights to promote and legalise the breaching of the Human Rights of other populations and especially Hellenic ones.

3. the case of Skopje leans on the claim that in favour of material/ developmental and international ‘well being’ as well as stability, objectivity must be sacrificed in favour of blatant forging of all evidence, proof and uncontestable legal and Humanitarian/ Historical Rights of anyone with whom this formation borders and which is simply supported by the forces the governments of the USA represent.


1. Turkey is based on arbitrary breaches which become status quo in order to legalize essentially illegal claims on the grounds of shows of power supported by those who have always, historically, supported her (USA, UK, Germany and at times France and Russia) both as Ottoman Empire and later as the supervisor of her older fractured provinces and current typically independent states.

2. Turkey is based on false legal grounds that can be shot down, regarding Human Rights. She systematically denies the historicity of her own crimes against Humanity, such as the Armenian genocide, the Asia Minor Hellenes genocide, the Hellenes of the Pontos genocides, the genocide of those of Constantinople as well as other populations presenting a danger of weakening Turkey, presenting her as a mosaic of Peoples rather than a single unified People, just as the case is with Skopje and the USA. But the USA cover their weakness through a different propaganda through the ages.

3. Turkey is based on her casus belli threats to convince her adversaries to cooperate, as indirectly yet clearly via the distancing and avoidance to have these threats condemned by the UN, EU, NATO, etc, it is shown that Turkey will have war support by third powerful parties (fact which is not at all ensured if war was truly to take place, since much more is at stake and much more lucrative conditions throughout Europe would be threatened, as we will analyze in future articles), and thus an adversary of Turkey would have more to deal with than the quality of the Turkish army.

On closing we must mention that Skopje as well as Turkey fervently wish to acquire EU membership as then (and if such a membership is given without stipulations on population mobility) it will be very easy within a short amount of time to fragment Greece with excuses of the type of Cyprus, and these fragments will never again be reunited.


The current PM and Foreign Affairs minister has stated the following on how he stands regarding the Hellenic position in Europe and the Balkans:

1. from his speech on 2009/10/09 in the informal meeting: “we ought to continue to transform Europe and our fears, fears on the change of borders or minorities must be evaporated so that we will build relationships of respect in the frame of our differences.”

2. from his statements in the same speech on Skopje: “regarding our other neighbor in the North, Skopje, we share common interests, wanting to see our area prosper, be stable and safe.”

3. in the same speech on Turkey: “I believe in the prospect of [Turkey] becoming a full member and I will work to this end in the European Union.”

4. from his statements in Constantinople on the same day: “we ought to free Cyprus from dependencies on her mother land. We ought to free Cyprus from the occupation forces. We ought to free Cyprus from divisions and walls that have no place in the European Union.”

5. from his salutation in the agreement of Turkey-Armenia on 2009/10/11: “I welcome this historic agreement for the amelioration of relations between Turkey and Armenia and I hail the effort and political volition in which the two leaders invest in order to overcome differences and to work in favour of security and stability in the area which is to the interest of everyone.”

The above quotes should already have shown the alignment and devotion of G. Papandreou and the undermining he hopes to continue to perform in the countryjust like the former minister of Foreign Affairs D. Bakogiannis of the Karamanlis government, in the same speed and impudence, but we will analyze them one by one:

Regarding the salutation in the agreement between Turkey-Armenia, we must bear in mind that with this agreement, the Armenian Foreign Affairs minister Edward Nalbandian (whom the Armenians are called traitor and threaten with death) accepted to hush and allow for no recognition and any step towards rectification, apology and reimbursement the genocide of the Armenians and he UNILATERALLY ACCEPTED TO OPEN THE BORDERS OF ARMENIA WHEN TURKEY DID NOT DO THE SAME.

That is, G. Papandreou hailed a blatant breach of Human Rights and the global cover up of one of the most heinous war crimes against Humanity (while for much less generals and leaders have been very recently executed), in essence saying that he is willing to sacrifice the millions of victims, their families, their Rights on lands and fortunes stolen in favour of an uncertain prosperity that is not précised whose it will be (the big capital holders’ of the energy sources or the People’s) and for peace that at any time is threatened by the very same instigator of that genocide. After this huge treason by the Armenian Foreign Affairs minister, the criminals and murderers demanded further more profit land-wise to be extracted from their victims who accepted to swallow their annihilation.

When, therefore, the same happens not only with Cyprus which is already programmed as it seems from quotes on Cyprus we presented but also with the Aegean and Thrace, what is the sign of future action G. Papandreou has given on the policy he will follow? Not only will he sign whatever the Turkish representative asks him to, giving away whatever he is ordered to give away by the assorted USA representative (exactly like Hillary Clinton ordered the Armenian to sign immediately without any demand and he obeyed), he won’t even have the tight expression of his Armenian counterpart, but he will be smiling more widely than the Turk, unless of course he is fearing for his life like the Armenian is.

We should note that especially to the Armenians, the USA President Obama had promised a recognition of the genocide before he was elected, but after his election he sent his foreign affairs minister to order them to denounce their history and shame their dead and their ancestors on their own. G. Papandreou, who so openly pledges allegiance and loyalty to the USA, to the point that he refers to his office as ‘the oval office’, will fully obey the American foreign affairs minister as her employee, which explains his hurried move to be present and offer assurances on his position the true overseer of the USA in the Balkans, Turkey.

When the matching thing happens from Skopje with matching threats by them of ‘destabilization’ and even war as they have already begun to half-whisper, as well as threats for financial death (although the only one who can threaten Skopje with something like that is us), according to his above statements and according to how he saw to it that he applauds the degradation and shaming of Armenia (while others with more risks to take than Greece did not do that), he will accept to sign anything in the name of ‘peace and economic prosperity’ in essence giving away to Skopje any right demanded of him by the representative of USA, trampling on our National existence, historicity and dignity.

At this point we must mention that a movement for Greece in the international academic and scientific sector is gradually but very consistently and increasingly rising based on many scientific fields, staggeringly much evidence, technical essays and titled signatures (in the academic world whatever you sign directly reflects on your credibility as a scientist, therefore nobody signs anything they cannot be sure or of does not have the guarantee of political/ capital holder cover which does not seem to be occurring in this case), which has manifested in the form of an official letter to the USA president Obama (the Obama letter) for Greece and against Skopje. How can he, who seems to continually seek the aid of foreign scientists, does not seize the opportunity to use more than 300 top authorities on the exact issues of populations, history and historicity to demonstrate that Skopje should be named what they want except ‘Macedonia’ and other offshoots of that?

The question will be officially posted in this manner in an official inquiry to G. Papandreou, who is required by Law to answer. Unfortunately, it is certain to any thinking person that the answer is simply that G. Papandreou has promised loyalty and obedience to a different flag than the Greek one, to whom he has sworn, and that he obeys other taskmasters than those who pay him according to the Constitution, i.e. us: he obeys those (big capital holders and progeny of ancient power-wielding dynasties) who pay and oversee so that the USA government is the world government.

Everything in our analysis can be substantiated not only by G. Papandreou’s current action but also with his former one and that of his political party since its foundation. Also, all this is historically substantiated and for one more time it is shown that while Greece has many Rights nobody can deny her, she either loses them because she relies without assurances on the words of the assorted ‘ally’ (that all Foreign Affairs ministers urge us to bow to without dignity or reward) or because she relies on politicians like G. Papandreou and K. Karamanlis and their peers who historically have led us not only to financial but also National/ international disaster.
We as Citizens act against all anti-Hellenic strategies and with a current letter from the EU to us personally (which clearly simply seeks to gain time before having no choice but officially taking a stance on our questions) we were given access to communicate to the one ‘responsible’ to state the EU stance on the Skopjan matter as we phrase it in our declaration (see the initial post of this blog), an answer than may be sent within the famous 100 day period (as an EU representative will press for the inclusion of Skopje in the EU regardless of its name) tous or may not be sent at all before we legally demand it, as it will force the EU to stop keeping the ‘neutrality’ it illegally is falling back on now

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